Updates + thoughts

I haven’t written in a very long time and I think my soul is calling me to start typing again. Whether it’s poem, blog posts or stories I have to put pen to paper. I spent the month of march dedicated to journalling freely as well as gratitude journalling. I am proud of taking the time to give myself the gift of writing. I am trying to carve more and more time to chip away at things that don’t matter and hopefully make time for the things that do. It takes times to narrow down what it is exactly that I want. It takes time to shorten this list to approximately 3-5 things that make me happy. I also learned while on my meditation journey, that sometimes it’s not about doing more to feel more, but doing less. Getting clear on what I can get rid of to be happy is just as necessary as what I buy, watch, learn to be happier. Letting go of mindless scrolling, late eating and negative thought patterns is just as important as starting pilates, meditating and going to therapy. What we gain makes us and what we lose also makes us who we are. I included these items on this months 30 day habit tracker. My habit trackers just let me know how often I keep up with a habit compared to how often I think I complete a habit. I have new goals and still working through old goals. I have things I want to accomplish but also recognize that I am in a mental space that I didn’t think was possible this time two years ago and again three years back. I know what it feels like to be completely hopeless and in the dark and it’s so important to me to stay on top of the things that make me feel not only good, but alive. So as the weather continues to flourish and blossom, let’s do the same with ourselves. If the last couple months have been hard, give yourself the grace to move through it in tune with Spring herself.

Good luck to all of us moving forward,