taking it day by day

Slow mornings are one of the many things that keep me mentally and physically well. It might sound counter-intuitive to take things slowly in the morning in order to be productive and energetic throughout the day, but this is the routine that has been recently working for me. This week's upcoming podcast is going to go in detail about my slow morning routine but I wanted to give you readers a heads up on something that's been highly beneficial for me.

  1. move your body intuitively- give your body what it needs. Maybe it's a yoga flow or running or lifting weights in your garage. Listen to your body and move it everyday.

  2. forgive yourself daily- let go of past situations or of your past self and begin the day with a fresh start. It's not easy to forgive yourself when you get started out, but all I can say is that you only suffer twice if you don't cut yourself some slack over situations you can't change.

  3. go outside and breathe in the winter air- walking in the winter or walking in general might sound like a turnoff but I urge you to try walking around the block while listening to your fav podcast or walking with someone you live with. It is soo healing to walk in the sunlight or during a full moon (if you missed the sunset like I usually do).

  4. understand that you are going to have bad days- I mentioned this in last week's podcast that I would of saved myself so much suffering if only I knew and understood that bad things happen and that that's okay. Even when I'm writing this, I'm having a weird day (not an off day) but I'm not trying to think too much of it or forcing myself to be happy. Not everyday is going to be the same, understanding that is beyond freeing.

  5. Surround yourself with Love- make sure to eat slowly after expressing gratitude towards your meal, take care of your loved ones, do things you love, surround yourself with music, affirmations, people that lift your spirit and spend time and undivided attention with it. Be present with what it means to be alive today. Be present with what it means to be you and live your life today.

It's so easy to take things slow in this climate but a little difficult to be mindful while taking your time. By taking your time and being mindful with that time, colours seem brighter, the sun feels warmer and the cold winter air is refreshing not harsh. It's about making your morning or evening routine work for you and not just as a means to start or end your day. It's about falling in love with the process.

Take care of your mind this week,

wish you understanding & wisdom