Spring recipes ideas + prayer to eat mindfully

I am more than excited to cook new plant based recipes this month! I like to challenge myself every month with a daily habit or intention that I hopefully carry with me after the month is over. I've talked about 30 day challenges before and how they help me kickstart positive change but for today let's just list foods I can't wait to cook & taste.


spring rolls


Rooibos lattes/ Golden milk (turmeric based)

carrot cake


tofu stir fry

buddha bowl

frittata/egg muffin

plant based tacos

spicy carrot soup


mac & cheese

quinoa (because I've never made it at home)


lettuce wraps

cauliflower wing wraps

pasta salad with loads of spinach

lemon cake


chickpea tuna sandwich



chia pudding for breakfast

sangria (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

brownies with dark chocolate

homemade cheesecake

blueberry muffins

chocolate crepes

bake a loaf of bread

lasagna roll ups



tomato soup (& grilled cheese)

chocolate banana bread

If you're interested I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to spring if you care for a visual. I was going to make April the month of eating more whole foods or no junk food or cutting out sugar or not eating a whole baguette in a sitting, but this seems so much more doable, realistic and frankly, fun. I don't want to feel restricted in what I can eat so I made an intention of focusing on what I can do. To saving money and eating at home but also loving the food that you eat.

Psst. Here's a little reminder: Don't forget to eat your meals mindfully, say grace and feel how good it is to be alive and be provided for. Pray that you never stop being grateful for these moments, for everyone that grew, transported, purchased and cooked your meal with love. Pray for those who don't have moment like these and that this meal nourishes every cell in your body and gives you the energy to do everything you need to do today and in this life.

Do something that scares you but you know you should do this week,