spring cleansing

Hello and welcome to Spring! I have been waiting for this moment and it's finally here. Although I did enjoy winter, there's a time for everything and this year I have allowed for the seasons to change and for me to change alongside it. There's no sense of complaining about the weather, it will always change without your say so. So if you are in a season of your life you don't particularly like, let that season of grief, loss or confusion take it's course. Because it will whether you like it your not. Focus on how you want to go through it and who you want to be after this season.

Enough about that, I am leaving you with a list of everything I am doing for my spring cleaning & cleansing:

  • exfoliate skin & moisturize daily

  • buy plants

  • try a juice fast

  • eat whole foods

  • bake banana oat cookies (with chocolate chip cookies) because they are so good and easy to make

  • deep clean my space

  • switch your room around by rearranging furniture

  • do a little thrift shopping (this can also be done online)

  • dress up and have a photo shoot

  • eat salads (because I despise them)

  • find a new outdoor activity (I want to try running for some reason)

  • eat seasonal & local

  • get a rose quartz crystal

  • donate excess stuff

  • express gratitude & appreciation

  • stay hydrated (2L a day)

  • cord cutting meditation (is something that's really been helping let go of negative attachments)

  • have a skincare routine & products of my own that I like

  • ask myself "how can I be of service?"

  • stick to my Lent fast (which is giving up caffeine)

  • walk in nature

  • try a new yoga teacher or pose or style

  • minimize trips to the grocery store and spend more time away from big crowds

  • heal your inner child

  • pray for protection and guidance

  • send a letter or a heartfelt email

  • write poetry or just little notes when they come up

I have gotten in the habit of making shorter blog post since starting a podcast but I think this minimal style of blogging works. If you want to listen to the podcasts just type in "SAD GIRLS DIARIES" wherever you listen to your podcast!

Take care of yourselves loves

& enjoy all the extra sunlight time