Purchases I'm looking forward to

My virtual shopping carts are filled to the brim and this is what is on in its way...

  • My grad photos!! First and foremost

  • Soap molds so I can start making soaps at home

  • My first crystal

  • The Ordinary skincare line

  • A Jade Roller made with Obsidian

  • A hydroflask water bottle in "rainbow"

  • Period underwear because I'm curious

  • A new dark orange swimsuit

  • Chia seeds

  • A couple pastel coloured sunglasses

It's so easy to mindlessly shop during these times but remember to only get what you need and will used whether it's in the grocery store, online or post-pandemic. Save your hard earned money! I'm not the best at this but these times make it easy, I don't want to go to work, sweat through a mask and gown just to waste my money.

Shop mindfully,

and spend your money on things that enrich your life