Podcast episode recommendations

If you didn't know I have a podcast known as the "SAD GIRLS DIARIES" and here are a few of my favourite episodes to get you up to speed. If you wanna join our little family of listeners, you can find the ironically positive podcast, SAD GIRLS DIARIES, anywhere you listen to your podcasts!


"Hello"- Is an introductory episode with a get to know Q&A

"2021 intentions + how I set goals"- This will motivate you, help you narrow down your goals and approach them in a mindful manner

"Self-Love"- How to love yourself by yourself for yourself

"Dealing with anxiety, depression and other difficult emotions"- This one is how I personally approach my anxiety, depression, grief, loneliness and other difficult emotions. This is what I discovered works for me after all these years.

"Cultivating a mindful morning routine"- This is how I tackle my mornings. I find that waking up slowly and mindfully helps combat anxiety and keeps me productive. Listen to find out what else goes down in the AM

"Embracing and Protecting your Feminine Energy"- This one was one of my favourites to record and has taken months and months of research to understand, so consider yourself lucky that I have condensed it for you! Your welcome

"Period Positivity + How to Maximize Productivity in Every Menstrual Cycle"- Let's talk about periods all day everyday!!!

"Unlearning an Inferiority Complex + Sexual Assault Story"- *Trigger warning* Nevertheless this is an important chapter of my life that I am sharing and I would love for you to stick around

There you go, 8 out of 17 of my podcasts for you to choose from. Feel free to pop them in your ears when you're walking, driving or washing dishes and take part in whatever is on my mind every Wednesday wherever you listen to podcasts!!!

Take care and thank you for your support,