My Monday Routine

Happy Monday! I hope you're enjoying the snow day today. If this Monday hasn't been too kind to you, I hope you have a cup of coffee to get through this list and replicate a few of these next week.

vegan breakfast sandwich from A&W for your Monday morning
  • wake up half an hour earlier than usual

  • clean for 10 mins (despite doing the weekend cleanup)

  • do a kick ass workout to jump back into it if you rested for the weekend

  • get into the mindset by listening to motivational podcasts or speeches

  • do something future you would be proud of

  • shower mindfully

  • breath work or meditation centered around managing stress

  • slow down the mind by reading

  • put away laundry

  • make a cup of coffee or black tea

  • listen to podcasts while making breakfast

  • make a list of 3 things you have to get done and 3 you wish to get done

  • pick a mantra of the day or week and journal about it

  • if you're too busy to walk, step out for 10mins or stretch

  • keep track of progress- in calendar, apps etc.

  • check emails preferably when you have eaten and feel calm

  • make your go-to dinner in the air fryer, pressure cooker or something you can look away from for awhile

  • always come back to the breath and remember that you are enough despite how much you get done today

Take care my loves,