My favourite period products

Today I started my cycle so I decided to write a couple things that I've purchased that have really helped me out:

  1. A hot water bottle

  2. Costco Ibuprofen

  3. A weighted blanket

  4. Magnesium supplement

  5. Hibiscus or other herbal teas

  6. Peppermint essential oil (for diffuser, temples and lower abdomen)

  7. Bath salt

  8. Reusable pads (even if you don't want to commit to this idea, it's a good idea to have a sustainable backup in case you run out of tampons or pads)

  9. Period underwear

  10. A pitcher (to hold water in your room)

  11. A comfortable sports bra (I wear the Calvin Klein cotton bralettes)

  12. Buy oats in bulk

  13. Natural Herbal Heating Patch

  14. Reading glasses for screens (I usually get bad headaches)

  15. A good book (I am currently reading Rupi Kaur's Homebody)

All this is besides getting a good night's rest, eating healthy and listening to your body. I wanted to share things that I have purchased and loved when it comes to dealing with period pains. Another reason many people might hate their period is also because they haven't taken the time to figure out their period routine. Listen to your body and give it what it needs. And feel free to spend a little extra money where you can to have a more comfortable period. You are worth it!

have a happy moon cycle,

& show your body love & grace