managing stress + affirmation card reading

Hello loves, we're at that point in the semester where we're holding on for dear life, waking up with anxiety in your chest and debating whether or not we should give up. I am feeling the weight of the semester ending decided to temporarily step out of that funk to sprinkle some inspiration. Here are a couple affirmation cards I pulled that have recently given me some insight...

"In stillness I receive"

This is my reminder to stay calm and to not panic. Panicking has only caused me to sink further into quicksand. Every time I have had a bad semester, it's because I let the work load overwhelm me. I just have to remember to be cool and level headed about things, that makes the difference between failing a course (or debating dropping out) and staying calm and passing with a C+.

"I can always recalibrate with the energy of Love and joy"

I can choose to think again, forgive myself and pick a better thought to cling to. No stress, no resistance, no limiting beliefs, just move on from a bad feeling thought and pick a positive feeling thought.

"I heal the habit of fear and embrace the habit of Love"

I simply cover all the parts of me I fear with forgiveness and focus on what I can do. I can't fix my past so let me focus no moving forward with the knowledge I now have.

"When it's a yes nothing can stop me, when I'm unsure it's always a no"

This is a great reminder for setting boundaries with others, with myself and situations that are not working with my schedule. I have been able to be more focused since turning my "I don't know" into definitive "no"s. Warning, some people get veryyy defensive when you ask for space to focus on yourself, just remember your reason for making that bold decision.

"When I introduce joy to a situation I change the vibrational frequency around me"

This is my reminder that I can shift my mood in a matter of minutes if I choose joy and the things that make me joyous. I can do a dance workout, take a long walk or a bike ride. I can choose the things that make me happy even if I feel like I shouldn't or I'm too busy or I don't deserve it. That is a conscious choice I get to make whenever I feel down, doubtful or overwhelmed, put on a comedy show and see how you feel afterwards.

I hope my recent card pulling inspires you to step boldly knowing that you are empowered to shift your mood and manage your stress. Last week's podcast was all about setting healthy boundaries and trusting the divine timing of your life, listen to that if you're interested on this topic and would like to go more in depth.

Take care of your business & yourself,

I wish you all the luck in the world this week,