little reminders

Here are a couple mantras, questions and reminders I keep in my back pocket just in case I need to redirect my mind.


"You are protected"

Is probably the first mantra to have come to light. "You are protected in everything you do this year" is a word I received by a very intuitive person. This reminds me that I can step out on faith and do whatever my heart desires and still be protected. That even if I'm nervous or fail, I am still protected and worthy of my goals. Oh listen to Trigger Protection Mantra by Jhene Aiko to get the vibe.

"I am equipped for this moment"

This has come in handy when work has felt really heavy or intense. Working in a retirement home in this climate can be a lot some days more than others. On top of the responsibilities of offering a comfortable stay, filling out fall reports, we have to reassure the older adults in the home that everything is okay outside these walls and within the building. I can't lie sometimes it feels like someone more level headed should do my job but I remind myself before work, during breaks and in the elevator that I am equipped for this moment!

"Stay calm"

I pulled an affirmation card from Gabrielle Bernstein "Super Attractor" deck and it said "In stillness I receive" and this really resonated with me for one reason. I found out recently that my work ethic as well as my grades and motivation tend to go downhill around March. I wouldn't say it's seasonal depression but a decrease in productivity and hope which leaves me self-sabotaging and sad. So this card was a reminder to just stay calm and stay the course. Most times things go down hill because I panic and f it up but "In stillness I receive" is a reminder that I can win by simply taking deep breaths and staying the course.

"No one is coming"

Tbh I stole this from CBC's Workin' Moms when Nathan tells his working wife Kate that no one is coming to save her now that she started her own marketing business. "No one is coming" means that you get to decide how you want to handle things and that you alone can deal with the consequences of those actions. It's time to put on your big girl pants and step into your power because absolutely no one is coming!

"Who can I serve today?"

This also translates to who can I be grateful for, who can I release or forgive today? This is a reminder to say "yes" to everyone and everything. This is a reminder to share and be open.

Take what you need and leave what you don't,

be mindful of your thoughts this week