Last week y'all

Hello folks and happy last Monday of the year. I am so glad to sit down and write this for you. I wasn't always consistent when it came to sharing on here but I'm glad we finished strong. This blog post is going to be a couple things that you could do to wrap up 2021.

  • delete photos (from camera roll, social media platforms, ICloud) that you no longer need

  • unsubscribe from emails, channels that don't serve you

  • consider trying yoga (I use Gaia but it's also free on Youtube)

  • clean out under your sink (declutter makeup, old skincare, clean brushes)

  • make a list of 30 day challenges you would like to try for every month of 2022

  • consider meditation (I use Headspace but it's also free on Youtube)

  • book a checkup with your doctor/gynecologist etc.

  • get a journal or planner for the year

  • clean your space and donate clothes, books and items

  • unfollow pages that don't support your mental/emotional wellbeing

  • get in touch with friends

  • bake brownies, stay up late and drink with lovely people

  • make a budget chart (for groceries, entertainment, hobbies, savings..)

  • outline what you would like to spend more time doing

  • let go of one negative thought and one negative person

  • make a gratitude list for this year

  • look through your stories and camera roll at all the moments you've had

  • meditate on how good it feels to be here right now

  • sleep in

  • forgive yourself

  • breathe into the moment

  • get really excited for good things to come!

I'll see you Wednesday for the last podcast of the year and Good luck in the new year!