Keeping busy in May

School is finally over and I am now waiting for graduation and summer time to come around. In the meanwhile the month of May remains pretty bleak and I thought it would be necessary to keep myself busy (besides therapy and work). So here are my hobbies, activities and habits for May....

  • Make a collage to hang up in my room

  • Swap for eco-friendly products

  • Learn about going zero waste

  • Write a book (even a short story)

  • Read for 20 mins a day

  • Check on my friends

  • Wake at a tad bit earlier

  • Listen to Taylor's evermore album on repeat

  • Try a new workout (I want to start pilates again)

  • Add to your at home workout gym (resistance bands, ankle weights etc.)

  • Start candle making

  • Take your time with everything you do

  • Get back into journalling daily

  • Cook all your favourite meals/junk food from scratch

  • Watch (nature) documentary series

  • Take a bath

  • Listen to graduation commencement speeches

  • Make homemade sushi, nice cream, vegan nacho cheese and whatever else you're craving

  • Make your own soap and skincare products

  • Walk and talk on the phone or with someone you live with

  • Learn to rollerblade or ride a board

  • Drink more water

Hope you find a couple things that help the time go by if you are also having a slow month or even a slow weekend,

Take care this month,