I'm back and I'm better

Happy New Year! I am still in a festive mode and haven't gotten started with most of my goals. I put it off for Jan 2nd because the 1st is off limits and then the 3rd because I'm not starting on a Sunday. And now it's Monday the 3rd and I have no excuse. But still I found them and used them against myself. Firstly, I was going to start the Yoga With Adrienne yoga challenge today but put it off so I'm now behind by a day. I don't feel guilty about it I just feel tired, honestly. I also slept in today but at least I'm here writing this.

This week I'll share the goals I'm working on with you for the year 2022 and less about why I'm struggling to hit the ground running...

Body (Fitness & Health)

  • yoga or pilates daily

  • drink 1L of water

  • book a checkup with my GP

  • keep up with my skincare (exfoliate weekly)

  • take my vitamins

Mind (Mental Health)

  • daily meditation (Headspace)

  • start therapy again

  • journal daily

  • get back into reading

  • take walks down a trail

  • clean up as soon as I'm done using a space


  • reconnect with friends

  • practice honesty

  • make room for other people to be themselves

  • practice self-love (bring back Self-Care Sundays)

  • go out more often

  • heart openers


  • create a budget

  • book an appointment with my financial advisor

  • unsubscribe from platforms I don't use

  • stop buying candles (and books) I have enough

  • ask for a raise

  • start an emergency savings account


  • make content on Instagram (post more reels)

  • start candle making

  • buy something you need for your hobby

  • get back into scrapbooking

  • move up to intermediate yoga

  • try running or swimming

Good luck this year and I hope your loved ones, pets, health and finances are guided and protected!