How I start a new month/season

We are in the beginnings of a new season, are in the presence of a big and beautiful full moon and are shying close to the month of April! Change is in the air people and I'm all here for it. I wanted to share this lovely Monday afternoon what I personally do when beginning a new month to inspire you to bask in change and the unknown feeling refreshed.


A clean space makes for a clear and open mind

Deep clean closet, clothes and donate what no longer serves you

Change bedsheets and pillowcases

Wipe window sills and surfaces

Sweep and mop

Dust off bookshelf and books that might of collected dust

Add lemon essential oil in the diffuser for clean ambiance or peppermint for fresh & new beginnings


Align yourself with what you want and who you truly are

Reflect on the month and how well you stuck to your goals or felt

Set intentions for the new month/season

Make a gratitude list

Forgive yourself for falling short of your goals

Do a big brain dump using journalling prompts Mediate a little longer than you usually do


Take an hour out of your day to do the things you dread

Organize/delete emails

Organize papers & bills

Buy something that you need but haven’t made the time or given yourself permission to get

Check on your friends

Pick your books of the month

Review your quarterly goals, 2021 goals etc. Are you on the right track to be who you want to become by December 2021?


Take care of your body by meal prepping, doing a HIIT workout or taking it slow

Letter burning, if necessary

Cord cutting meditation to untangle from limiting beliefs or people

Buy supermarket flowers for the kitchen or your room

Exfoliate skin & body (with honey and brown sugar)

Shave, hair mask, teeth whitening or whatever it is you want to do

Pull an affirmation card for the month to use as your anchor

Good luck in April loves,

hope everything works out for you