Holiday gift guide

Happy holidays and happy winter break for the students! This list is cutting it close but if there is someone you're missing on your christmas shopping list or just something for yourself or a stocking stuffer, this is the list for you. My gifts are centered around wellness per se, and I like to give people things to better take care of themselves (you'll never get a PS5 out of this gal).

  • bamboo brush

  • body brush

  • teas or coffee (I like when other people pick out a tea they think I would enjoy)

  • A 1L waterbottle

  • electric lighter

  • perfume

  • reusable cotton pads

  • (ankle) weights

  • comfy slippers

  • sleep mask or black out curtains or anything that can possibly improve sleep

  • Mittens/Ear Muffs

  • Socks

  • a lotion set (bonus: exfoliator, scrub, gua sha etc.)

  • a handwritten letter

  • a homemade gift

  • an edible gift

Gifts for yourself

  • ingredients to make your own skincare products (soaps, moisturizers, scrubs)

  • Mat spray (or you can make it for yourself)

  • a subscription (I recently started again with headspace and Gaia)

  • Menstrual underwear

  • a new essential oil you’ve never gotten before

  • Something for your hobby (paintbrushes, yoga mat, microphone etc.)

  • low cut uggs

  • massage/facial/manicure giftcard

A little bit pricier

  • a juicer

  • air purifier/humidifier

  • a clothing item or bag you've been eyeing

  • coffee maker

  • air fryer

  • new winter coat/boots

Stocking stuffers

  • hand lotions

  • Blistex lip balm

  • micellar water (makeup remover/wipes)

  • favorite snacks and candies

  • I have short hair but if you don’t you’ll need some elastics, bobby pins, headbands etc.

  • reusable pads

  • apple slicer

This season isn't just about gifts and Christmas is hard enough for those going through grief and loneliness as it is. Financial setbacks is something we can all relate to during this time and this list to me was a fun activity (just like writing letters to Santa when we were kids). I have more than enough, I am more than enough that's the mantra for the season. Take care of yourselves!

Happy holidays love!