"Beating the November Gloom": an update

Two years ago I wrote a blog post about beating the inevitable November Gloom. November and I don't quite get along and I have had to work around this misery to ensure a decent month. I never really considered the shift in my mood symptoms of seasonal depression, but if the shoe freakin fits!! I get unproductive, tired, sad and my grades do drop at this time of the year (same thing goes for March & April). With that, I learned to only harbour positive feelings to attract more experiences and people to be happy about. The first version of this blog post is still up if you want to read it, but I wanted to update you on what I'm planning to do in order to stay in high spirits...

  1. bullet journal- I think this is going to be my new hobby, again. Because I can't draw, I ordered washi tape and stickers to decorate my journal (+ my monthly spread, mood board, habit tracker, bucket list and intentions)

  2. start pilates- or any new workout you've been wanting to try. Let me tell you pilates isn't easy but it's working magic!

  3. donate and minimize clothes and books

  4. write poetry

  5. Watch Supernatural and bike with my brothers

  6. try homemade lattes like matcha, golden milk and maybe one last pumpkin spice lattee

  7. get dressed up for fall- don't let quarantine steal your opportunity to get dressed up and feel great! Get out your knee high boots and a wide brim hat people!!!

  8. bake banana bread, carrot cake, pumpkin bread or pumpkin cinnamon rolls for breakfast to go along with your coffee (I have made all of these in the last two weeks)

  9. journal one thing you're grateful for everyday this month. Read them back on the last day of November

  10. do a (affirmation) card reading

  11. say your affirmations out loud this month!

  12. put away the sad music on loop and have dance breaks instead! Black Parade by Beyonce is my morning anthem!!

  13. listen to an audiobook while you're just scrolling on Pinterest. I'm currently listening to The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

  14. Develop courage, faith, patience or understanding. Take what you need leave what you don't

  15. Forgive yourself and others by letting go of judgement

  16. moisturize daily (with coconut oil), cover your hair before bed, don't forget your retainer and take care of your mind and body before bed (Psst I'm working on no electronics in bed/past 12am)

  17. review your 2020 new years intentions

  18. find a 30 day challenge you enjoy (this can be based on your new years intentions)

  19. share with others and feel happy about it

  20. cook from scratch (don't forget all the immune boosting ingredients)

  21. find something funny to watch whenever you're down

  22. skip coffee if you can't stomach it. Be intuitive and take care of your body, you don't have to keep doing something because it's part of your routine. Challenge and question your routine this month. What makes you feel really really good? And how can I add that in my morning routine?

  23. sync your calendar with your laptop, watch, Google Home etc. Or have someone keep you accountable about your wake up time or other goals

  24. make it outside before the sun sets

  25. go 50 in your own lane. Work hard, be grateful, take care of yourself whilst minding your business!

One thing I'm learning about myself is to keep going even if it's hella slow. I have a bad habit of shutting down when I'm stressed out, overwhelmed or confused. Instead of continuing what I was doing or getting back to it eventually, I am now falling down the pitfalls of comparison, jealousy, envy and come to the conclusion that there's no point in continuing at all. Sometimes this is intentional, but most of the time I don't notice I gave up till someone points it out or I look back 6 months later with nothing to show for it. This is not a good feeling and I wouldn't wish it on anyone... That's why I'm telling you to keep it moving even if it's not that big of a step. Even if it's just putting on actual pants, answering emails, drinking water, forgiving yourself or logging on for therapy instead of cancelling. Do something each day that will make you proud looking back at this month! November, exams, election season doesn't have to suck, it's our thinking that makes it so. Everything we receive in this life is neutral; we decide if it's negative or positive. I hope you find little baby positives in your negatives. I pray you have all the tools you need to weather through your storms and a decent playlist to get it all done!

I wish you the best this month

and I mean that with all my heart,