a spring weekend in photos

Hello, here's a couple things I got up to during my free time to brighten up my day and enjoy the changing seasons despite the heavy demands of work and uni...


Organic waffles and blueberries for breakfast or dinner is my go-to. This is so nostalgic and gluten free.

A sleepy piper falls asleep wherever I am. And where I am in this photo is starting a new Netflix show because I'm bored, Superstore is our new casual watch

Making Spring rolls for the first time and watch Grey's Anatomy as me and my sister taste test.

Keeping this in mind as I move through my day and forgiving myself when I act or think from a place of fear.

Make dinner at home from scratch. Make it a goal to spend more time in the kitchen and include more veggies in your meals. You'll thank me for it!

And finally make banana bread. I made a carrot cake earlier this month for Easter which my family loved but this weekend my mother wanted a plain banana bread (no chocolate chips or nuts) so here is a classic vegan banana bread!

I hope you find the time to do the things that make you happy. It doesn't have to be cooking but fill up your day with things that make you present and content. Good luck this week,