7 anxiety remedies

  • skip the coffee for a couple days

  • don't overanalyze your feelings or situation

  • read a little something- your mind struggles to race when you are focused on the words on a page. Replace outside stimulus like socials or Youtube with some quiet time. Don't exhaust your emotional energy on things you can't control like the news, politics or what others are up to. Shut it off for now!

  • aromatherapy for the win- I started using eucalyptus oil in the diffuser and I find that it elicits healing and recovery type energy.

  • meditate whenever- I took so many little random breaks (and before going to bed) just to sit and feel what it feels like to be alive today. *anything and everything that comes up is valid

  • take a lap- I woke up with a knot in my stomach yesterday and the only thing that seemed to help was taking a lap in the cold air. Just taking deep breaths and looking up to the moon was so soothing and relaxing.

  • blankets- the strategy is this, you need two blankets or a large blanket. I placed a weighted blanket on my lap and a smaller blanket to cocoon around my head. It's like a very much needed hug, trust me.

  • sit with others- I find it better to come downstairs and sit with other people than in my room whilst feeling anxious or depressed. Even if don’t engage in conversation, it’s important to listen and to be surrounded by other people’s energy (if it is uplifting).

This is a short and sweet blog post about what I did over the weekend to minimize the anxiety that was building up. I think reading week ended up being stressful because of the lack of structure in my days. One thing I'm realizing is that keeping active makes me less anxious. It's important for me to go outside everyday, comb my hair, do my bed, talk to people and shower to prevent sinking into either an anxious or depressive episode. But what I do to stay on top of my anxiety or depression is another blog post for another day, but I hope this post makes you feel equipped to deal with whichever sentiments arise. Take everyday bit by bit and remain observant of your thoughts not constantly engaging with them or trying to make it better. Some days you feel better than others, accepting that makes the bad days not so bad.

Hope you find acceptance in the unexpected this week, good luck