28 days of self-love

Welcome to Febuary! Welcome to Black History Month and welcome to the month of Love. I wanted to compile a list of things you can do to treat yourself, relax and reflect this month.

  1. practice positive affirmations

  2. do a body scrub and a face mask (homemade)

  3. make infused water or a hibiscus refresher

  4. take a nature walk

  5. do a digital cleanse

  6. make a 5 year plan

  7. make a healthy meal (salad, smoothie, or a juice)

  8. make myself (and others) a big breakfast

  9. do a card reading

  10. letter burning ritual

  11. paint my nails

  12. get myself flowers

  13. do breath work or a longer meditation than usual

  14. practicing attracting love

  15. make a dating profile/look for friends

  16. get financially literate (+make a budget)

  17. deep condition my hair (+ try new natural hairstyles)

  18. get a massage

  19. deep clean my space (bedroom + office)

  20. listen a BHM playlist or some jazz

  21. listen to an audiobook about an important topic that interests you

  22. do karaoke or have a dance party in the living room

  23. take myself on a date

  24. set boundaries + have difficult conversations

  25. listen to heart chakra music

  26. practice vulnerability as taught my Brene Brown

  27. keep a rose quartz nearby

  28. dress up and learn to apply makeup

Feel free to tailor a personalized list for yourself or borrow a couple of my ideas. This is what I'll be up to this month, and I hope whatever you do with yours is fulfilling.

Take care,