28 days of self-love

Welcome to our second month of 2021, I hope you've arrived okay and a little hopeful. This month to me represents the month of Love as well as the month pride, freedom and self-expression. February being Valentine's day and Black History Month is always a month dedicated to reflection and realignment. "Where do I want to go from here?" Anywhere, absolutely anywhere.

I did research on "self-love" and it seems that the things most people are now giving themselves permission to do I already partake in...on a daily basis. So I tried to mix it up and include things such as helping others, showing compassion and being honest in addition to my yoga, meditation and spending time to myself practice. I want to take care of myself a little differently this month, this is what I have to look forward to...

  1. write poetry and finally crack open Rupi Kaur's Homebody that my baby sister got me for Christmas

  2. cook my whole family breakfast (something with crepes and vegan bacon!)

  3. buy a new plant or buy myself flowers

  4. bake myself some chocolate banana bread to pair with coffee and Vampire Diaries

  5. take a bath with homemade bath bombs

  6. take a longer walking route than usual

  7. message my friends/frontline workers who are killing it!

  8. bullet journal- write a letter to my younger and older self

  9. declutter, donate and/repurpose my belongings

  10. do a loving kindness meditation (psst this works to release resentment)

  11. honour your body- try an online barre class (or any new workout that will leave you sore) and don't forget to honour your menstrual cycle

  12. practice self pleasure...

  13. listen to some Lauryn Hill (The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill), Mariah Carey and everything Destiny’s Child

  14. practice heart openers

  15. make soy candles

  16. commit to being open and available (journal about forgiveness)

  17. give myself permission to step into my power, to try new things, trust my gut and get excited about things that are important to me

  18. buy something new (most likely going to be a new jacket)

  19. order in food (sushi or burgers)

  20. say big heartfelt thank yous to family, coworkers and strangers

  21. take deep belly breaths (also the theme of YWA 30 day yoga challenge)

  22. practice kind loving affirmations- "I consistently and mindfully choose Love > fear"

  23. see divine Love everywhere and in everything

  24. cry to a movie (if you want to cry uncontrollably for kicks watch my favs One Day or Lion or both)

  25. plan something for Family Day- I can't believe it's been 3 yrs since we spent our Family Day in theatres watching Black Panther but it's about time we do something new whilst isolated

  26. have a tech free day- this is going to be hard but if I convince my brothers to join me then we can paint, go to the park (oh the pond froze over to skate on so that should be fun) and kill some time together

  27. don’t cancel on therapy no matter how busy I get

  28. stand up for yourself- it’s soo easy to let people walk all over you in the name of kindness but practice setting boundaries and exercising your throat chakra by saying no once in awhile

bonus: send virtual hugs to everyone, wish everyone well and see yourself reflected in everyone around you. Your joys, loneliness and Love isn't individual but universal. We are all taking part in this life journey, the more you see that in others, the more you find that you are not alone and the more you find peace.

Namaste and drink your water,

peace & Love