25 rules for life

I know I haven't written for over 2 months and I think turning 25 yesterday is giving me the kick in the pants to come back to my commitments. This blog isn't the only thing that needs to get rebooted but that's my business. For now here are 25 lessons that I've found very useful in my short life as it pertains to love, career and Self.

  1. walk whenever you get the chance

  2. don’t let people push you around/practice standing up for yourself

  3. you don’t have to do a single thing you don’t want to

  4. it’s better to be overdressed than it is to be underdressed

  5. unfollow people that make you feel crappy

  6. keep a physical journal or write in your notes

  7. get therapy or group counseling

  8. make friends that like the same things as you (in addition to your other friends)

  9. reach out to your friends

  10. take pictures of everything and anything

  11. make playlists for every season and mood

  12. drop anyone who isn’t there for you

  13. invest in mental health (meditation apps, mats, therapy etc)

  14. find a workout you enjoy and commit to it

  15. listen to your books

  16. reduce coffee intake (we’re not in college anymore, no one needs 5 cups of coffee)

  17. get a plant or a hamster or anything to take care of

  18. get a skincare routine (wear sunscreen, stop using toxic products, and stay out of direct sunlight)

  19. tell people that you love and appreciate them

  20. celebrate life and love whenever you have the chance

  21. get specific about future goals, relationships/friendships, and finances

  22. get advisors for finances and career help

  23. focus on the things that you can control and not what other people are doing

  24. if someone wants to see you/be with you they will definitely make the time

  25. do things that make you really happy on a daily basis

Bonus: maybe start flossing