22 ways to increase feminine energy

Right off the bat feminine energy is not gendered so if you’re not a woman your reading doesn’t have to end here...This is a topic that I was introduced to literally 24 hours ago and just had to write a blog post about. Feminine energy and femininity differ from one another. When I think about being feminine, I think stereotypical things that women do, wear or say. It’s pink, ribbons, long hair, thin bodies, plastered smiles, rehearsed laughs, giving machine type of robot woman. When I think feminine energy I think about individuality; about what femininity looks like in any given body. We all have feminine as well as masculine energy existing within us. The saddest part is that we can’t admit that without being less of a man or a masculine woman. Being feminine has been looked down on while masculine tendencies is something to aspire for all folks. To be all work never slowing down, never receiving only putting out energy. Disclaimer: I am not saying that either or is bad but to be mindful of whether or not we are balanced. For example, my masculine energy can be present and active during my ovulatory phase compared to my luteal phase (a couple days before your period) or even during my period. It’s only natural that I won’t take a run, do a cycling class, hang out with a ton of people nor would I have a drink or get take out when Mother Nature comes for a visit.


Our masculine and feminine energy is two sides of the same coin and the following is a list on how to increase the divine feminine within you...​

  1. be curious and open minded- don't be cynical or jump to conclusion

  2. make something warm to eat from scratch

  1. share with your friends (literally anything from gum to making them cookies)

  2. dance to some Taylor Swift or Megan Thee Stallion it’s honestly up to you

  3. have an intentional girls night

  4. say yes

  5. draw boundaries to your kindness by saying no

  6. I like watching comedy sitcoms with a female leads like New Girl, The Mindy Project etc.

  7. Self pleasure…

  8. Indulge with chocolate, wine, new sheets, new scented candles. Let your five senses be delighted

  9. Honour your menstrual cycle by using clean products, being grateful for access to all the products you need, seeing a gynecologist, not complaining about your cycle (especially if you have a healthy cycle).

  10. Honour your body by taking baths, speaking highly of yourself, moving it, seeing a doctor

  1. Forgive those who have made you feel unwanted or unsafe

  2. Make your room fit for an enchanted princess by adding the elements to your space. Hanging real plants, adding crystals, a diffuser etc. Personally, I like white sheets and a simple minimalistic look to my bedroom keeping my mattress low to the ground.

  1. focus on joy and the things that make you the happiest. Take some time out to list when, where and with who you feel the lightest and most open hearted.

  2. spend time in the sunlight

  1. Hang out with those with balanced masculine energy (no one has time for toxic masculinity or people who are not ready to better/balance themselves)

  2. Get creative with poetry, yoga flows, painting, DIYs or with your makeup or clothes

  3. Take care of plants, or take your dog on longer walks or dogsit for a neighbour. Give yourself the responsibility of looking after something in addition to yourself

  1. Be emotionally available- let go of old stories (and the ego) that force you to shut down and pull away from people. Let go of projecting your own experiences when giving a friend advice. Come from a place of love and attentiveness.

  2. Get grounded in your feminine energy by walking barefoot in the yard, hugging a tree, petting leaves or collecting sticks (weird I know)

  3. Try heart opening yoga poses

  1. Compliment others and always wish them well

  2. Work on being a wholehearted complete person. Satisfied with one's self, proud of your accomplishments, grateful, supported, wanted and loved. This way you can see these qualities in another human and not grow jealous but proud of their journey.

I hope you find a way to make this list your own,