what "happy" looks like

close your eyes


What does happy look like to you?

(free write or simply visualize this prompt)


when I think about happy I think about living by a lake somewhere else in Canada. I think about having longer hair, the sun on my face, walking around barefoot. I think about enjoying the simple things with the people I love. I think about spending without ever checking, lots of candles, lots of blankets and lots of books. I taste all sorts of foods vibrating with colour and taste. I think about achieving everything I said I was going to achieve. Meeting everyone I said I was going to meet. I think about bending and stretching like a proper yogi. I feel my body get healthier, faster and leaner. I feel my mind expand, get more knowledgeable and curious. My feel my heart chakra become open, secure and loving to everyone and everything around me. I see myself living in shock and awe of everything I get to experience. In reverence of how lucky I am. I feel myself become giddy and overjoyed when I become mindful for my privileges and everything else that makes up my life.


Am I currently content with my life/myself? What can I do today to better enjoy my everyday life? What could I add/remove from my everyday routine to feel everything I felt in my visualization? Are there parts of my visualization that I think I want but are not exactly willing to work for? Are there parts of my visualization I only want because; someone else has it, someone else has found great joy after obtaining this thing or I want people to see me have it/achieve it?


Continue to ask exciting and terrifying questions to weed out what "happy" looks like to you and what you are willing to do for it. The ego will be challenged when removing things from your mental list that you thought you wanted or were supposed to attain in order to be happy. Your intuition knows what's up people! Your intuition knows what you are on this earth to do and what is just not for you. Let's be honest, I'm probably never gonna run that marathon I thought I was supposed to run, nor will I go vegan or sell all my belongings to drive across the country over having a beautiful home overlooking the water, eating fish and eggs and taking it slow with walks and yoga! And that's not me being negative, I'm just coming to the realization (with the help of my inner self) that that's just not written in the stars for us. Not in this life at least.

There are still some items that I'm on the fence about like playing the guitar or learning Italian but this exercise really brings to light what I care about and what I could honestly care less about...

Don't waste your time or for lack of a better word, your f**ks on these things and go straight for the gold! Your family, your girlfriend, knitting, the book you've been wanting to write etc. Trust your intuition. Stop handing out your f**ks to every single thing that comes up and get your happy on instead!

keep your f**ks safe in your pocket this week and enjoy your Monday,

(Can you tell I've been reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k by Mark Manson??)