back to school during a pandemic

this season is more of a back to a flow state than it is a stress state. This allows me to have a routine and structure in my day. This for a person with anxiety, is everything.

Although I am quite nervous, I am still more excited then petrified. Here are the things I am making space for when it comes to studying and working during a pandemic...

  1. Create a detailed routine even for the weekends and set alarms or have someone keep you accountable if that helps

  2. Splurge a little on products and services that you believe will better your mental health (ex. meditation app, online therapy, a journal, a better blanket etc). Check out my blog post on my fav wellness products

  3. Have a sunday self-care routine. I have trouble keeping up with these on weekends or when I feel like I don’t deserve a self care night. On those days, I just make sure to simply moisturize, drink water and be kind to myself.

  4. Create two vision boards. One for your goals as crazy as they may seem (people graduating from their MA, business owners, fellow medical students etc) and another to motivate you to study (positive quotes & reassurance). I love looking at other people killing it and other times I focus on lifting myself up without the excess pressure.

  5. Have recess and make sure to go outside everyday. Search up workouts like Afro dance, pilates, yoga etc. Keep your body moving to feel better overtime!

  6. Have a signature scent. This is when essential oils or candles come in. I like to trick my brain into wanting to study by infusing my study room with the same smell every time I go to study.

  7. Make time to laugh alot

  8. Find an extracurricular activity like a book club, knitting, learning the piano that forces you to learn something new.

  9. Find an online therapist or counsellor. (Psst online therapy isn't as awkward as you would think)

  10. Delete and unsubscribe from unwanted emails

  11. Hold all notifications from social media apps

  12. Have an inner inner circle. It’s important to have all sorts of friends who enjoy different things but even more important to have friends you can be vulnerable around

  13. Keep in contact with your favourite professor. I still email one of my professors from time to time. They give great advice and support and it’s always nice to check in.

  14. Understand that nothing is set in stone. You can’t mess up so badly that it can’t be undone. I’m talking about money mistakes and failed courses, get it fixed right away and you’ll be fine, I promise.

  15. Just because you don’t check your emails, bank statements and grades doesn’t mean it ceases to exist. Take deep breaths and check them when you’re ready. Your problems don’t become less real if you refuse to face them.

  16. Take it one day at a time and one hour at a time.

  17. We’re all in this together

  18. I love you

  19. Good luck

  20. You’ll do great!

I wish you good rest, peace of mind and all the luck in the world

I love you and don't get over caffeinated,