September yoga challenge

My intuition is leading me to commit to something wholeheartedly, to be curious and to most importantly be grounded. Be grounded in a new routine, be grounded in a new way of thinking and be grounded in simple yet heavy truths. Like you are capable, you are strong, you are allowed. With that, here are the 30 free yoga videos I have complied for my 30 day yoga challenge (@fwfglife by Yoga with Adriene).

Yoga To Shift Perspective*

Yoga For Courage*

Yoga For Transitions*

Yoga For Gut Health*

Gentle, Relaxing, Cozy Flow

Yoga For Cramps and PMS

Rebirth Yoga

Yoga For Suffering

Yoga To Slow Your Roll

Upper Back Love

Yoga For Change & Drain

Yoga For Social Anxiety

Yoga For PTSD

Yoga To Gain Perspective

15 mins. Yoga For When You Are Stuck

Ahimsa Yoga

Cozy Yoga

Heart Chakra Yoga for Beginners

Yoga For After Disaster

Yoga For Concentration and Mental Focus

Movement Medicine-Calming Practice

Yoga + Pranayama for the Sprine

Yoga For Loneliness

Intro to Yin

Gift of Relaxation

Yoga To Heal Stress

Rose Yoga- Hearts Opening Flow

Heart And Hips Practice

Moon Practice

Day 30-Journey (from the HOME 30 day challenge)


I hope you feel really really good this month,