getting grounded

I am a skeptic so it's really odd that I'm a big believer when it comes to chakras. I believe what I feel. And that's not really as reliable as "I'll believe it when I see it". But that's the thing about spirituality and faith, it comes from a gut feeling. There's no proof to most of it and you will most likely be the crazy one of the friend group if you believe in something you can't tangibly hold in your hands.

no one has seen it, but most people have felt it

God, Love, aliens, chakras, ghosts, horoscopes (sometimes) are some of the things that make me "crazy". Some of them are by the book (heaven, hell, angels) and other crazies I picked up along the way. I say all this to make a disclaimer, I am fine with being considered odd for believing in these and keeping an open mind, that's what makes faith fun. No one can see it or feel it quite the same way as you.

Anywho, chakras. I was confronted with focusing on my root chakra this week. The root chakra from my knowledge is the first chakra from the bottom that helps us feel grounded physically when it comes to our basic needs and spiritually knowing that we are taken care of. So knowing that you are safe, that you are well provided for and that those things are constant for you. The way I came to that realization is that I was ordering a new bed, going on multiple errands to pick up decor, then making another 100$ purchase on another site and after awhile I felt bad. I felt bad because 1. this was a lot of stuff, 2. this money can help so many other people buy more important stuff 3. WHY DO I FEEL SOO BAD?!

I've never decorated my room since I was 11 and glued ribbons on the wall so I should be ecstatic that my room has a bed frame and finally looks the way I feel. The way it looked before made getting up to go to school extremely depressing. Everything was everywhere. Nothing was for sure. We moved into this house, my uncle was sick, my mind was somewhere else and my clothes lived in boxes for months. My bed was on the floor for months. And I didn't care. And now that I care, I feel awful about it.

I would put a table together and I didn't feel any better. And that's when I realized that part of my intention was to feel better or be better because of my little project (technically not little because I am buying a whole lot of furniture I didn't have). Do I not feel like I have enough? Do I not feel like I am enough? What can I do without? What is a necessity? What do I believe I am supposed to have?

Minimalism has saved my life (and I use that loosely) once before. Two years ago, I was forced to throw out my whole makeup bag, old expired lotions and a third of my clothes. This week, I woke up anxious, like I was surrounded or drowning in stuff. And I knew what my soul needed. My soul needed for me to know and understand that I can do without. Everything looks exactly as I wanted but this doesn't internally change everything. This doesn't heal you completely. "Ground yourself in something more sustainable" I heard. Ground yourself in your Higest self

later that night when I was scrolling on YouTube I turned on my multicolour lamp and it lit up red and I came across a root chakra yoga video almost instantly. The chances that the chakra color lights up and I am forced to reflect upon that area of my life, is not a coincidence but fate. I had a question and the universe gave me an answer

have faith folks,