My Favourite Wellness Products

Wellness is the state of good mental, physical and emotional health. An example of wellness is eating correctly and exercising every day.


Wellness is a vague term and with that comes vague treatments, specialists etc. And I have to admit that my brain used to light up as soon as “wellness” was found on a package, brochure or menu. But why are we made to think that a product is better, more natural, more effective because it’s what our ancestors maybe did or that this is what our bodies truly need? But still I have come to you after many weeks of not writing to present you with another vague “wellness” post for you to take with a grain of salt. Here’s a couple products I recently ordered on Amazon or products that are making their way to my address in hopes of bettering my wellbeing

Blue Light Blocking computer glasses

Reading socks from Indigo

Vitamin D3

Roobois Tea by Davidson’s Tea Tulsi

A hot water bottle for period cramps

Hibiscus tea for period cramps

A weekly gratitude journal

A sleeping mask from Sage

A good pair of leggings (my fav are a high waisted pair from Lululemon)

A good pair of sweatpants

A pair of pyjamas that are practically weightless

Bright coloured sheets

Duvet insert

Weighted blanket/Heated blanket

Fairy lights

Organic Coconut oil for everything (hair, nails, face, teeth, eggs)

Indian Healing Clay Mask

An extra pillow for my knees

A good pair of wireless earphones

Plants (a couple real ones and artificial ones)

A SAD light/A salt lamp

Positive posters, art pieces etc.

Stickers (I spent way too much money on stickers off amazon but I love them)

Essential oils for aromatherapy

Diffuser (I got a new diffuser that lights up)

Audiobooks via Audible


Melatonin/Magnesium for sleep

Matcha powder

I don't use candles, lush bombs or adult colouring books anymore or as much, but I hope the list above gives you some ideas of what I spent my money on when it comes to my mental health (this disincludes my Headspace subscription, my therapist and monthly Starbucks runs).


I don’t like to put all my faith in products and at times it does make me feel weak that my mental health is dependent on "things" but that’s that way I am. I have gone without headphones for a month and started to feel more and more anxious in public and in the library. I have had caffeinated tea everyday just because it’s available despite how it made me feel. Having a preferences or restrictions when it comes to schedules, food, people always comes across as picky and stuck up. But with self-discovery and meditation it’s important that I am grounded in something more sustainable and eternal, but that I also tend to my needs as they arise.

take care of yourself in September,