little comforting things

I hope your quarantine blues symptoms have somewhat subsidized and you have found something to do, to change, to love and to comfort you. Here are a few of my daily highlights I call my little comforting things...

listening to Bob Russ paint clouds

blueberry pancakes

messaging someone you haven't spoken to in months

turning off your phone and not feeling anxious about it

sleeping in and not feeling groggy afterwards

Ben Platt's album and Netflix special

biking at sunset

walking Piper down the trail with no music just listening to the wind and birds

sitting on the patio and feeling the sun on my skin

switching to decaf (not right away though)

ditching routines and planning the day intuitively

making a summer bucketlist

being hopeful

commenting on peoples photos and not just liking them

smiling and waving a neighbors and fellow bikers and runners

having a tiny conversation with the cashiers at the checkout

wishing well for the planet and having positive intentions just makes you happier

new recipes while listening to new albums

loving someone from afar and wishing them well

making a playlist

painting your nails different shades of pink

rewatching New Girl

finishing Supernatural with my brothers (bc I was too scared to finish it on my own tbh)

making a collage of your friends, fav quotes, dreams etc.

I have had trouble getting to bed so peppermint essential oil and rain sounds knock me out right away

attempting to do 30 day yoga challenges and not caring when I skip days

meditating laying down on my bed > on the mat

baking late at night

talking to my sisters about our most embarrassing moments or playing taboo or uno or making friendship bracelets just us girls

walking barefoot and just feeling the earth and the warmth of the earth

doing things that make you feel beautiful (and light)

watching legally blonde the musical, Coco or Big Hero Six

sitting on my mother's lap

writing when my family's asleep

having a bathroom dance party when my family's asleep (cause I can't sleep)

blocking or unfollowing sites, pages, people, services and products that make me feel insecure or sad

reading about consciousness and our understanding

looking back and counting how many toxic people the universe took out of your life

looking back and realizing that you're actually doing okay

understanding that we are all struggling

understanding that I'm never alone

and even if I am truly alone and disconnected and home alone, I still have the other things on this list. this too shall pass by sunrise and if it doesn't stay calm, bake muffins and take another nap

make your own lists and delight in the things that make you feel surrounded and comforted

take care loves,