my 23 truths

last week was my 23rd birthday and with that comes anxiety, excitement and a sappy blog post! Twenty three is a pretty big number and all of a sudden I feel this unnecessary pressure again. To figure it out already or have "it" already or "blank" already. I think the anxiety stems from knowing that 23 is closer to twenty five then it is to twenty. Twenty one and twenty two felt like free trials in the 20-somethings-are-you-sure-you-want-to-do-this-subscription, but 23 is real real. Then again I don't know what I'm talking about because I'm only 23 and a week, matter of fact, I almost never know what I'm talking about but these are what I know for sure...

These are my 23 truths

  1. "Heal your inner child" is a cheesy saying until you realize you've been running in the same circles and believing the same lies that you were told as a child (this also includes heal your inner teenager- "what did she believe about herself, her body, others, and her place in the world?")

  2. Go outside everyday. sweat everyday. We don't have gym class anymore (thank god!!!) but that means we have to schedule our own time to workout as well as find out if we actually like weight lifting or would rather join a group Latin dance class or would feel more comfortable at a Women's Only gym

  3. If you miss someone call them. we're a little too old to be playing games and acting like it's not that simple, because it is.

  4. Do some soul searching. you don't have to book a trip to a retreat in Bali for YTT, but you can do research about your truest self, your core beliefs, principles, your purpose, your spirit etc.

  5. Fix your attitude, it's not cute to gossip, to not say thank you or to not own up to your mistakes and apologize. grow up and be nice.

  6. Care about politics. I am personally trying to pull away from labels when it comes to political affiliations just because I find them divisive (I AM a liberal, I AM a conservatives etc.) but just make it very clear what you stand for. What is important to me as a citizen? What kind of future do I want for myself, students, Indigenous peoples, the planet etc.?

  7. Have routines. a morning routine, a skincare routine, a cleaning routine. If it makes you feel better, I currently have none of the above.

  8. Love will take it's damnnnn time. It just does. Laugh about it.

  9. If you compare yourself to others or your old self you will definitely be miserable and jealous. Learn to support the people who are enjoying all the things you want in life to attract them into your life.

  10. Let go of negative ideas about relationships, exes, and the kind of person you are in relationships. Forgive yourself and visualize what you want from yourself and from your partner

  11. Get a Pinterest account. You'll need it

  12. Order a couple pairs of computer glasses also

  13. Try different coffee alternatives or learn how to make coffee that isn't instant

  14. Talk to strangers always

  15. Understand that it's okay to make new friends. Your highschool friends may be your forever friends or you might outgrow them same thing with your college friends or work friends etc. Just make it a priority to spend time with those who make you feel really really good

  16. Number 16 is "how crazy is it that we were 16 like yesterday???" Time flies! enjoy every second, every terrible job, heart wrenching breakup and every bad hair decision

  1. Don't let other people push you around or talk down to you. I used to let it slide thinking I was being nice but that's not the case. You only end up showing up to things that you didn't want to go to or doing someone else's workload?? If you're not okay with something, don't pretend to be...

  2. Create playlists and listen to my playlist called "23 rounds around the sun"

  3. Love yourself enough to move on and trust for better things

  4. Cooking a new recipe to new music is always a mood booster

  5. Don't skip therapy. Don't skip opportunities to grow, learn, socialize because you feel overwhelmed in the moment. Stop cancelling on your friends and skipping on your life

  6. Quitting is only restarting. Find a hobby or a business idea or art project or a new language and dedicate at least 5-10mins to it everyday.

  7. And finally, take a deep belly breath, hold it and exhale the biggest exhale you've taken all year...

You're doing great and I love you