summer bucketlist

Despite shops opening back up, I still tried to make this list as quarantine proof as possible..

go swimming in the backyard (waterballons + sprinkler will also do)

go to a cottage

celebrate my 23rd

jump on trampoline

make smores

watch a movie at night on the patio

drink iced coffees only

at home mini-pedi

take photos of myself outdoors

actually wear a bikini even if im not swimming

indulge in vegan ice cream

go thrift shopping

make a friendship bracelets

make homemade sushi

do a 30 day yoga challenge

read like I used to (2-3 books a month)


give smoothies/smoothie bowls another chance

ride my bike down the trail

replace concerts/parties with karaoke parties

check on/facetime my friends

drive around

paint a sunset

chalk a positive message on the sidewalk

clean my room and minimize my closet

finally furnish my bedroom

drink a liter of water

rewatch Gossip Girl (with my sister)

make brownies

go hiking and maybe go see a waterfall

watch empowering documentaries on Netflix

get sunflowers

don't get sunburnt

feel pretty

get back to meditating

get back to myself