light workers

these past few weeks have been difficult when the world becomes reaware of the forces of racism that continue to exist. I am still learning about the policies and injustices that happen to African-Americans as well those of them that identify as LGBTQ (some of the info is new bc I am a second generation African immigrant). And these situation naturally make me angry. And I don't angry easily..But it's allowed and it's valid. I think I have had just enough of people telling black people how to grieve and mourn. The violence and oppression done to black people for centuries. The lynching that happened to some people grandparents not long ago. The microaggrassion. The man that was killed in the middle of the street?? And your mad about a Targe?!?. I'm not saying it's okay but I'm saying it adds up. I am unbothered by a Target burning down I really am not and I am okay with that.

I'm also okay with unfollowing people that don't support people that look like them or black people who don't support their own. Anyone that hashtags "all lives matter", grown people that still don't get it but refuse to listen. All the influencers posting as usual while the world is on fire!!! WP who all of a sudden know exactly what MLK would of wanted. I am angry, but that's part of the job. Where do you think the "angry black woman" comes from??? That's how things get done. We stay angry because there is quite a bit of things to be angry about on this side of the tracks. MLK had to of had enough to push him to say something and do something despite now putting a bigger target on his back. MLK had to have been furiously angry.

If you don't understand this rage. If you don't understand how I can meditate and promote mindfulness but not bash the protests then you don't understand. I am black first. And although black, female, bi, tall doesn't matter, they do. Society has given it a meaning and coloured people have suffered because of that distinction between dark. "red" and white skin. We cannot seperate a country on something as superficial as race for centuries, just to take it back when it's convenient. Take it back to discredit black people's concerns about their safety, employment, university enrollment etc. Saying everyone is equal is a fact but it's not ideal. In the perfect world where the black race was never burdened with the stereotypes of being uneducated, thieves, criminals, whores, violent, needing to be controlled, needing to be supervised, black woman as masculine, undesirable, easy, promiscuous etc.

These harmful stereotypes still show up in conversations today. People will compliment me on "talking white", that they don't usually like black girls but I am different/I don't count or I'm very quiet (compared to who cause I am not that quiet? But to the stereotypical black girl of course I am). Or even with my youngest brothers, when people assume their my sons (ever since I was like 15?!) and compliment them on being well behaved in stores. It's one of those microaggressions that get under my skin. Because "well behaved" and "calm" compared to who?? There just normal kids but people are always sooo shocked that they're not yelling and running around like they have no sense. This is when I worry about when they get as big as their older brother...What people assume if you don't go out of your way to make others feel comfortable in your presence. To reassure them that you are not a threat that you are well behaved. Black men shouldn't have to prove anything to you in order to not look suspicious.

Black woman are not your play things. Black woman are not phases in college. Black woman are not here to ticked off your lists of experiences or to soothe your white guilt. Black woman are more than their bodies and they should be treated as such.

Trans, gay and lesbian lives are as important as the cisgendered straight black peoples'. Don't deny that with religion!!! I am talking about not murdering, attacking and bullying people who don't express/love the way you do. They deserve better than that.

I am a light worker. I work with loving energy and that is the energy I want to put out by standing up for everyone. Even the ones society has made it okay to disregard like LGBTQ, homeless people, criminals, teen mothers, illegal immigrants, Indigenous peoples of Canada. But I am also black and woman and peoples' presumptions and/or blantant racism and misogyny always finds it way from your dinner tables to the workplace and streets. What you say or don't say always manifests somewhere else and has real life consequences. WE ALL have blindspots and I also have to listen attentively to the experiences of POC. But for now, I just wanted to leave this here for people who believe you can't be both spiritual and angry...Honey, suppressed anger is in our DNA.

drink water and take time off socials

sending you light,