mindful self-isolation morning routine

It was important for me to have a stable morning routine especially now that we are all forced to isolate ourselves in our homes. This isnt summer vacation and it seems at times that I've gotten the wrong idea hence, my day lacks structure and productivity. Even on days where I'm just hanging out can have more mindfulness. And if I do want to spread the afternoon fooling around or the night watching movies, I want to fill my morning with mindfulness and peace. I want to hit the ground running and deserve my time off. Or else it's just guilt and resentment.

Morning routine:

11:30 am yoga

11:50 am meditation

12:00 pm shower while listening to music (right now it's Lover by Taylor Swift)

12:25 pm silent breakfast (oats, breakfast tacos or french toast)

12:45pm journal with my morning tea at the breakfast table

1:00pm research on topics I find interesting like minimalism, spirituality and organization via ted talks and youtube

2:00pm walk piper while listening to a podcast (I'm really trying to swap music for meaningful content on our little walks)

2:15pm read (20 mins on both books)

2:55 water break

3:00pm post on instagram, edit blog post, work on content, record podcast

4:00pm search up vegan comfort recipes to cook and make them

5:00pm at this point in the day I can eat in front of a movie (with my siblings) and just hang out while aware and mindful til I get tired and call it a day

Saturday routine

Abs, pilates or running outdoors


Clean room and bathroom

Bake muffins or a loaf

#selfmadesaturdays which is this new thing my sister and I are planning of doing which is basically where we sit at the dinner table for two hours and she works on her music and I work on my writing

Life planning- review 3 year plan, search up new or different trajectories, apply for jobs, review budgets, write down money goals to manifest, or the life goals I would like to manifest and getting more and more specific.

Psst making a pinterest board and adding pictures and quotes also counts as “life planning” in my book.

Sunday Routine


Yoga or a long walk

Taking it slow

Read twice as long


  • Face mask

  • bath

  • paint my nails

  • wash hair and shave

  • Journal in my weekly journal

''We do not rise to the levels of our goals, we fall to the levels of our systems'' -James Clear, Atomic Habits

thank u mapendo for letting me use your laptop for this week's blog posts and sorta kinda almost getting it up on time :)