mindful things to do during our little self-isolation

by now the world is tucked away in our homes due to a bug known as the coronavirus. With school, work and businesses cancelled and empty grocery store shelves, some of us are anxious and frankly a little bored. The following list is everything I'm doing to stay calm in the face of the unknown and panic while trying to have a little ounce of fun.

Things to schedule in during our social distancing

  1. Sleep in or nap

  2. #netflixandstaychill

  3. Bake up everything in your pantry (I've made muffins, lemon loaves, banana bread chocolate swirl loaves and cinnamon rolls in the last 4 days)

  4. Make a youtube channel

  5. Have a solo photoshoot

  6. Follow some Yoga with Adriene

  7. Get lost in a fictional book

  8. Avoid social media

  9. Get into bullet journalling

  10. Get some writing done (write a short story)

  11. Aim to meditate for 3-5 mins everyday

  12. Work on your assignment for sense of normalcy

  13. Get into a youtube wormhole

  14. Eat oatmeal

  15. Watch a comedy special under blankets

  16. Listen to a new album

  17. Rearrange your room

  18. Try your favourite comfort foods vegan

  19. Wash your hands, face and body with love (not fear)

  20. Cuddle your dog

  21. Make pasta, tacos, pizza,

  22. Watch Grey’s Anatomy

  23. Plan your dream birthday (no budgets just whatever you want)

  24. Facetime your friends

  25. Fight the scarcity mindset by cleaning out your closet/backpack/pantry

  26. Fall asleep to rain sounds after applying peppermint essential oils

  27. Step outside even if it's just on your balcony or in your backyard

  28. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings

  29. Record a podcast

  30. Start a gratitude list to add on to everyday

  31. Make a 3 year plan

  32. Learn how to start a business or learn a new language or whatever you want

  33. Start an insta for your dog

  34. Start and finish an audiobook

  35. Review your 2020 intentions

  36. Play Super Smash Bros Ultimate

  37. Walk a trail

  38. Have a pamper night

  39. Sort your papers and mail

  40. Backup your photos

  41. Make a playlist dedicated to your little time at home

  42. Write letters to people as if you're going to send them (but don't)

  43. Feel your loneliness

  44. Feel your sadness

  45. Feel what it feels like to slow down when the world seems to be fast forwarding while also on its head

Bonus: Or do nothing at all. Sometimes I have an ounce of energy to walk or read or bake muffins and sometimes there’s nothing but anxiety. Let it flow. Let it go.

most importantly, take care of your mind and body loves,