What to do when you’re upset

We’ve all had hard days that make us wish me never got out of bed in the first place. My day required me to appoint someone to take care of me and watch grey’s. Here is what else I tend to do in order to feel my sadness, disappointment or shame.

wear a blanket

search up vegan comfort foods and just scroll

tell someone to feed you

I only watch Grey’s when I’m upset and it works wonders

lay off the caffeine

sleep longer

roll out the mat even if all you do is savasana

turn off the socials

watch Netflix documentaries

cook vegan comfort foods from your web search

look for positives and for a solution

take a day off

be mindful of your higher self- you messed up you are not messed up *repeats to herself a 100x*

shower (yes, you can stay in your sweats and blankets, but shower. Try just a little little bit and wash your hair)

dissociate with negative labels (“I am so selfish”)

embrace the negative feeling (“I feel so selfish”. You can forgive yourself and move on from that)

don’t think about it- don’t complain, or tell the next random 10 people you see, you only fan that flame. Let go of blame or finger pointing and just take care of yourself.

confrontation, stress and hormones tbh are many reasons why we can get upset and on the verge of tears after a long day. I hope this list of what I do when I’m upset inspires you to make your own.

Wishing you better days, xo