Attracting love

I’m in the middle of rereading The Power by Rhonda Byrne and it being the month of love, I wanted to make a list of how to attract love and maybe manifest meaningful relationships. Besides this year being the year of healing for me and mine, I am also actively working on attracting a loving and supportive relationship. Which sounds cheesy to admit, but that’s what’s going on over here! Here’s what I’m doing or hoping to do in order to see it come to fruition.

deal with your issues- "dealing" is sometimes just an awareness. Being aware if you tend to get jealous, insecure, lonely, offended, worried etc. and building an awareness of when those hindering feelings arise.

forgive someone and yourself

visualize big time- what are you two doing? How do they look like? Visualize them around, texting you, picking you up etc.

let go limiting beliefs about yourself, relationships and the person you want to attract

practice being open- tell the truth, and tell your truth always

work on your craft- put your request out into the universe and get back to your passion projects

act as if- don’t doubt, don’t settle, don’t get desperate. The energy you put out is the energy you’ll get back! Make a request for your dream partner and go on with your day

get a new look- psst busime, get a haircut and pleaseee stop dressing like a bum

get specific about the things you want in the other person and not just the things you don’t want

let go of one toxic relationship/friendship

compliment someone

message someone you haven’t seen in awhile

tell your loved ones you love them

show your loved ones you love them

take care of yourself

remove the sad Drake songs from the queue

go on dates with yourself- I’ve been skating, to fairs, to a restaurant and done all the date night stuff solo and it’s pretty lit actually

heart opening yoga poses

find a loving mantra or scripture to recite

listen to 639 Hertz music

send loving energy to couples around you. Fight the urge to roll your eyes at the people making out in the middle of a library but be happy for them in order to attract what you want

quit playing the role of the bitter attractor. Don't ask for something and then pretend you don't really want it. Like you're suddenly too cool for exactly what you asked for just incase you don't get it. Let go of the scarcity mindset, you truly truly want it then believe it exists.

I know I should go out more, message people back and maybe probably get a haircut, but it’s equally important to deal with my side of the street, mentally speaking. Which includes, being loving and supportive first towards the people that are currently in my life. It’s to stop cancelling on my friends abd letting certain people down and mend those relationships first. It doesn’t make sense why the universe would send me a loving and supportive partner if I can’t even be those things for myself and the ones around me. Like attracts like. It’s acting as if. If I’m making a commitment to attract a relationship, I need to bring out my date night clothes and stop dressing like a bum. Why? Because I am now a person who goes on dates. If I am acting as if, I can’t complain about being single or bored or lonely or whatever because I am a person in the most amazing relationship.

sending you love and wisdom, xo