19 lessons from 2019

your anxiety can feel never-ending if you let it

  1. seeking help in the right places is always a good idea

  2. remove expectations from those who have trouble showing up for you as well as themselves

  3. Moisturize your hair, it's a sin if you don't

  4. be super super open, it feels better than the opposite

  5. see yourself in other people

  6. Happiness is this and it's now. Stop waiting for something extraordinary to happen, your life is happening right now and this is it! (as mediocre and mundane as it might seem)

  7. The universe is abundant. Constantly asking, "why not me?". The things I desire emotionally and physically are not impossible to obtain. The universe doesn't have a shortage of reliable people, opportunities, a sense of peace, the will to get up in the morning etc. There is always enough to go around.

  8. sunshine rejuvenates my soul and sunset walks are my fav form of meditation

  9. I am aware that I have to make a home within myself. I am such a homebody to not the point that I get anxious from being away from my home, family and familiarity more than usual. I have observed that in myself during the move last summer and after the loss of my uncle three months ago. And I want to find some stability

  10. make sacred connections. This year, has at times, reminded me what it's like to have good people around and the importance of having meaningful relations. There are people that you click with, but never on a deeper level and that's okay. I'm at a place where it's important for me to solidify my sacred relationships with those who are able to be attentive, vulnerable and available.

  11. feel everything...

  12. say no even if it pisses people off

  13. call for back up when anxious

  14. you'll never regret losing yourself in a book

  15. search up vegan comfort foods and cook whatever catches your eye

  16. stay consistent with what keeps you grounded. sometimes it's going to be yoga and walking over going to the gym and that's okay. Just stay consistent!

  17. Understanding and accepting the power of vulnerability (Shoutout to Brene Brown!). To be open and honest is so freeing and it allows others to do the same. This improves relationships, communication with coworkers as well as with yourself. You can now sit and meditate completely open to everything and anything that comes up.

  18. life is beautiful but equally sucks. accept the yin yang of life. work on accepting the consequence of life which is death in order to be more at peace...

rest in peace jaques kwana