2020 intentions

This year has started out tough and finished off even tougher. Every time I thought things would get better, all hell broke loose. And what my soul desperately needs more than an incredibly fit body, a sunny vacation or a hot guy is healing. The last few months of the year after losing my loved one, has left me in a state of anxiety, of trauma, of flashbacks and of feeling numb. Feeling stuck in an endless loop of deja vu. Not feeling hungry, but never feeling full. Never feeling tired but not feeling energized enough to do anything. So I'm stuck. I'm just here either feeling nothing or feeling everything all at once...

I have dedicated the year of 2020 as the year of healing. This is the year to piece things together, figure things out and hopefully be able to stand on two feet. It is important to me to come out at the end of 2020 feeling whole. Feeling like someone who is grounded in truth. Feelings of being balanced, capable and available to those who need me. Most importantly being available to myself first. Like the previous year, I am not making resolutions but making intentions of how I want to feel and the things I have to do to experience to attain that state of being.

  1. Deepen my yoga practice by practicing daily

  2. ask for help

  3. Journal everyday

  4. lose yourself in a book

  5. only allow relationships and friendships that are meaningful and kind

  6. say no

  7. say yes

  8. meditate for at least 3 mins

  9. being consistent with my blog and other writing projects

  10. meet a friend for coffee or facetime for a couple minutes at least once a week

  11. cultivate a peaceful environment (haven't done alot since moving in and really want to have a zen space for sleep only)

  12. eat a more balanced plant based diet

  13. be aware of limiting beliefs and stories

  14. move my body for at least 45 minutes a day (because I haven't left the house in awhile)

  15. forgive quickly

  16. trust that a way is always available (as much as I mess up)

  17. find God

  18. drink water (because I literally don't drink any)

  19. Use peppermint essential oil, no laptop in bed and fall asleep to an audiobook. also, not oversleeping to the point that I feel droggy and anxious about all the time I wasted and all the things I have to do

  20. cry

these are a couple of things that never fail to rejuvenate my soul and will act as little flashlights to bring me back into myself.

wish me luck and healing, xo