before 2020

2020 is oozing of magic and I can feel it. I have never been into numerology like I've been with horoscopes, but here we are! Just the numbers "2020" are sending cosmic signals about the good that's finally coming my way. The universe is saying "I have seen your struggle, let's make it better! Let's have an exceptionally magical year!"

But first...

do all the laundry

minimize your closet to half

give away and donate clothes

bullet journal

set 2020 intentions

make a budget

apply for jobs

call my friends

forgive and let go

take a day off social media (monitor my screen time)

write a chapter or two

do research about topics I'm interested in

book a counselling appointment

take a bath

listen to new music

make a vision board

meditate and do yoga everyday (which has already making a world of a difference)

finish reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

ask for help

cultivate gratitude and happiness

bonus: have a spiritual awakening or emotional release or some sense of direction

There you have it folks! 20 items I am hoping to check off before 2020. Sending you tons and tons of love! oh and merry christmas loves!