the olympic yogi

I am not exactly sure of the moment "olympic yogi" slipped into my subconscious, but it did. To aim to be a professional in a domain that requires you to come as you are and do your best, is quite absurd.

The new year is around the corner and i'm both excited and deeply anxious about this. My goals for 2020 are simple and less materialistic and tangible than the goals of 2019. Not that my goals were overly self-seeking or anything like that. I planned to read more books, write more often and to go easier on myself. I just found myself comparing or wanting to speed up the process especially when it comes to mastering poses. Again which are never bad things, ambition is the fuel to living extraordinary lives. But when approached from place of lack, comparison, jealousy, greed and all sorts of negative energy, the happiness high doesn't last. Happiness can't possibly come out of aiming to out-do someone else or wanting yourself to be anything than who you are in this present moment.

Positive energy is what makes life and goal-setting so much fun! You are assured that you are enough and grateful for the life you have, while seeking other accomplishments and posessions and people that only act to compliment you're already existent happiness. You're now coming from a place of "I am enough" and "I have enough" in contrast to desperation, lack, disappointment and "I have to do this so I can...".


I was watching one of Matt D'avella's podcast called The Ground Up titled Success Doesn't Equal Happiness with Alex Banayan. In the podcast, they discuss how happiness is not a destination and how it's here. We're here people! This is it.

As prevalent as people say this, it hit me like I was hearing it for the first time in my whole existence. I guess I to have gotten into the mindset that happiness is somewhere distant; maybe after graduation or travelling for a bit or getting a desperately needed haircut. That happiness doesn't = my everyday mundane life. That feelings of depression & tiredness will eventually end when I'm out of my teenage years or out of my twenties or uni but that's not the case. Happiness is available everyday. The opportunity to start again is available everyday.

The work you do today is in investment into your future, but not an assurance on your happiness. One thing I have to work on is detachment. The law of detachment says that one should detach from prescribe meanings of success, happiness, pain, abundance etc. in order to find true happiness. If you put all your eggs in one basket and believe that even positive things like getting an education, finding a partner, having a family will make you happy, when you do not have these things (in your preferred time frame) you will inevitably feel depressed and discouraged.

Happiness is inward. Happiness doesn't always show up in the package you expect. Happiness begins with positive energy. Happiness requires you to be aware and not ask for what you already have and miss out on something you are waiting for.

And remember success and happiness are one in the same.

have fun writing your 2020 goals from a loving place,

-Busime M.