oh the places you'll go

I pinterest I have a travel board under the name oh the places you'll go. Like the Dr. Seuss book. I recently saw a new edition of my childhood favorite in Indigo the other day and debated buying it (for myself more then my younger siblings) but for now i'll share the places I am hoping to travel to before I you know what...

  1. Africa

  2. NYC in the fall

  3. London for a week

  4. Then Paris for a week

  5. Snowboarding in Whistler

  6. Hiking and camping in British Columbia

  7. NYC during Christmas time

  8. Japan in the spring

  9. Pizza and wine in Italy

  10. Missionary work and elephants in India

  11. Self-discovery in Bali, Indonesia

  12. Be in a tourist in Montreal

  13. Australia for smoothie bowls and beaches