How to cope with loss

Scream cry

  1. Ugly cry

  2. Soft cry

  3. Contemplate the universe

  4. Have an existential crisis

  5. Be prepared for crappy people

  6. Be prepared for supportive people

  7. Feel all your feelings

  8. Just know that guilt will somehow find it's way in there

  9. Also, misplaced anger will also finds it's way

  10. Stay in your bed/house for as long as you need to

  11. Do things that make you forget until you remember

  12. Find excuses to laugh and reminiscence about the person you lost

  13. Nap

  14. Tell your family that "you're always there for them" and that "they're never alone if they want to talk", while hinting that you need them to please please return the favor

  15. Social media in my case should be avoided because it just hurts too much. To see everyone so happy and carrying on with they're day while you're suffering a tremendous loss made me feel more alone.

  16. Check if everyone else (that's going through it) is okay

  17. Forgive yourself for the reasonable and unreasonable guilt you hold.

  18. Nap

  19. Make a memory box of photos and notes and memorabilia about your loved one

  20. Hold back from smacking people that complain about every minuscule meaningless little thing

  21. Try to believe that they're in a better place

  22. Nevermind, I'm still angry this happened in the first place

  23. Promise to be better to and for each other

  24. Be thankful for good health (without guilt)

  25. Meditate on how everything in your body is functioning for your good

  26. Journal every single day till you feel like you don't need it anymore

  27. Take it one day at a time, matter of fact, take it an hour at a time

  28. Tell your boss, professor and those depending on you, what's truly going on. Your feelings, current circumstances and mental health are valid.

  29. Book an appointment with your councilor

  30. Try to do one thing that will help you get back to your regular schedule

  31. Have Ibuprofen on hand, always

  32. Know that there's not a proper way to deal with grief

  33. Time and what you do with that time helps heal, apparently

  34. Know that the goal isn't to get over it or deny it, it's to fully accept the loss and come to a place of gratitude, grace, peace, forgiveness and understanding.

  35. Get a dog (a 2 year old husky/German shepherd mix) named Piper

  36. Hate everyone

  37. Love everyone

  38. Take another nap