The 5th year club

I am now taking applications for those of you who are 5th year students. The only requirement: you have to be a 5th year student. That’s it. We’re already at 4 members although 2 of these people think I’m kinding and the other two are my friends so I signed them up on their behalf. 5th year is one of those things that’s a drag but the more you look at it and realize you have to go back whether you like it or not. Is kind of exciting. I’m excited to do something that was supposed to take me a year less to finish. I’m excited to shamelessly write a ton of blog posts about it. I’m excited to tell people at gatherings about this extended period of time to balance both school and my mental health.

Me: “No, I’m not graduating this year”

Snobby relative: “wait so are you in 3rd year?”

Me: “No, 4th year I’m going to do a 5th year to complete my specialization

Snobby relative:…


Snobby relative: …

Me: “so how is your daughter doin-”

Snobby relative: “ should’ve done nursing”

Why is it that every relative is suddenly an academic advisor sponsored by the nursing department?! Anywho, I am including a 5th year bucketlist that I have been compiling for the last couple months now. This list is more like "everything I should of done since first year but never did". This I guess is my last chance at my last year.

Go to homecoming

Go to Frosh Week

Club Fest

Go to Supercrawl art festival

Go to a party

Go to a gala

Join an association/club

Buy more McMaster sweaters

Make new friends in each class

Go to LIFT church (campus church)

Make beautiful healthy lunches

Plan trips for next year

Go to lunch/for coffee with a friend at least once a week

Go to local vegan restaurants on Locke Street

Bike to school

Come up with atleast one business idea

Go to Hess (check and neveerr again)

Campus greenhouse

Find a new study spot on/off campus

Grab lunch at TwelvEighty (campus restaurant)

Hike the trails behind McMaster University

Work/Volunteer on campus

Campus Planetarium

Go to the McMaster Museum of Art

Attend a show at the Westdale Theatre

Go to a dog therapy sessions

Take advantage of covered counselling sessions

Go to a local concert

Go to a pumpkin patch

Watch Football games and support team games

Run a half marathon

Toronto Christmas Market in December

St. Patricks day

Do something for charity

Go on a campus tour(because I've never done an official tour)

Work in a coffee shop