SUMMER DETOX (+updated bucketlist)

This summer was probably the most rejuvenating summer since the summer of 2007. I feel sooo good you don’t even know the half of it. I feel I feeling me from a couple months wouldn’t think it would be possible till everything magically resets on January 1st. This summer has consists of most items on my summer bucketlist from last year but less sad somehow. Maybe it’s because I went to therapy a total of 3 times, 4 if you want to include next week. Or it could be because I was kinder to myself.

I forgave myself quicker and moved on gracefully. I tried to move everyday and at one point actually go to the gym a minimum of 3 times a week. I slept under 8 hours, took pictures for my Instagram, didn’t post as much on my blog (but forgave myself for it), I was patient, I attempted to be more trusting and I tried to accept the things and people I can’t change. I went for walks at sunset, journaled most days, ate my greens and tried new recipes. And now it’s a week before school and I’m still feeling greeeeeeeaaaaaat. Despite moving and having to unpack and figure out my new surroundings, I am grateful for the summer I have had. I want to probably go the beach one more time and check a couple things off my bucketlist with no pressure of course. I want to leave you with an updated bucket list with what I have done and what I will be doing in the next 7 days to end things with a rejuvenating bang!

Go to the beach one last time

Have a picnic

Go on a hike

Paint a picture

Bullet journal

Make an iced coffee

Learn a dance routine

Watch a movie in the backyard

At home spa day

Roasts s'mores

And that's it folks!

Sit in the sun