summer bucketlist (+ pinterest board)

  1. Go cycling

  2. Eat breakfast outside

  3. Paint my own nails

  4. Make a summer pinterest board

  5. Get temporary tattoos

  6. Make friendship bracelets

  7. Change up my hair (got braids for the summer)

  8. Take pictures and dscos

  9. Go to vegan restaurants downtown

  10. Go to beaches you've never been to

  11. Ride my bike

  12. Take a walk at sunset

  13. Wake up at sunrise and write

  14. Drink lots and lots of water

  15. Watch documentaries on Netflix

  16. Have a game night with the whole family

  17. Make vegan chocolate ice cream

  18. Buy more books (second hand)

  19. Minimize closet, shoes and products

  20. Go to the farmers market

  21. Go for hikes

  22. Find a mental health buddy

  23. Make smores

  24. Go to therapy regularly

  25. Celebrate my 22nd birthday with friends and have a brunch with my family!

  26. Hangout with everybody that I said I was going to hangout with

  27. Take a stroll downtown Hamilton/Ancaster

  28. Go to a reptile zoo

  29. Go to a party

  30. Go to the movies (alone if you have to)

  31. Continue this no coffee streak (unless you really really want an iced coffee)

  32. Make smoothie bowls

  33. Change up my instagram layout and my blog content

  34. Let goooooooo of it and them

  35. Try to run outdoors (I used to lovee this so let’s bring it back)

  36. Pull ONE all nighter

  37. Paint something

  38. Make homemade sushi

  39. Go to the library

  40. Edit a summer montage

  41. Go to Michigan

  42. Do yoga outdoors

  43. Find a way to feel somewhat comfortable in a bikini

  44. Find a nice sunhat (check), wear my new sunhat

  45. Make homemade healthy popcicles

  46. Go to peach festival

  47. Light the rest of the sparklers from Canada Day

  48. Have a picnic with sandwiches and fruit

  49. Make a fort in my room and watch a movie

  50. Go to a music festival

  51. Get prepared mentally and physically for school

  52. Make a fall/school bucketlist

  53. Spread love and positivity alwayyyysssss

  54. Make a gratitude list for this summer

  55. Print photos and journal about this summer (only the positives)

My summer pinterest board is @simplybusimee which has everything that resonates with the kind of summer I have been wanting to experience since 2019 started. Remember to not put too much pressure on what you want to get done this summer to prevent spoiling every activity you do because of anxiety and negativity. Just take it easy, afterall that's what summers are for...