Hello lovely people! Turning 22 WITH peace of mind, certainty and happiness has been one hell of a journey! A season of letting go and moving on really had to take place to ensure that I can be at ease when I ring in my birthday, today. This post is going to be 22 specific things I did to find some clarity and direction.

  1. Not be happy- Taking the time to feel what I'm feeling. To analyze my mindset. What is this all about? Where is this coming from? Without thinking about where am I going from here just sitting in the yucky uncomfortable state of what the heck happened???

  2. Do my bed- get cleaned up sis! Sheets, laundry, dusty window sills, trash bin need to get up and/or cleaned up. Shower if that has been a daunting task lately and shave while you're at it.

  3. Journal. Journalling two pages (or four pages if I really had alot to say) almost everyday was helpful. Talk about important things or not so important things or make a list of some sort I just refrained from making to do lists and not focus so much on what I was behind on for the say.

  4. Sleeping- I've actually been sleeping the last 2 months. Yes, I pull the occasional all-nighter, falling asleep at 2am but that's even earlier then the months before that. I actually sleep for 8 hours and feel so refreshed I can almost cry about how good I finally feel.

  5. Green tea- I swear my sleep has improved since I ditched my occasional coffee for green tea (2 cups a day). I never credit a specific tea for a specific benefit cause I'm never really a 100% sure of the correlation but ditching coffee for green tea in the morning is doing something magical I can feel it.

  1. Forgive and let that ish goooo- Even if you feel like you're on good terms with everyone, let go of the little, even miniscule, annoyance or pain someone has caused you intentionally or unintentionally. Cause it builds up quick...

  2. Be grateful- I have lived 22 years of health, abundance, support and love. It's not jewels and riches or free of disagreement but it's a life most people would kill for.

  3. Get lost in a book- let a book take you to a different place and time. let it take you up, up and away...

  4. Talk to another human- hangout with your family, chat with the lady at the front desk of your gym idk

  5. Listen to alot of Brene Brown and some Oprah while you're at it!

  6. Take walks at sunset

  7. Get excited for things and countdown the days. Like I said in my last post, you don't need a reason to validate why you should enjoy yourself!

  8. Make a playlist- for a season, for a mood, for whatever reason you want. I probably listen to like 5 hours of music per day so I like to have my music organized and available to me wherever I go and for which ever occasion I'm feeling.

  9. See a councilor- Like mentionned in one of my most recent posts, I'm seeing a councilor for clarity and direction. My counsilor asked me what I wanted to get out of our sessions and I told her simply, "clarity and direction". I realize now that she's not supposed to make decisions for you but highlight all the options that are available to me. When you get too much in your head about simple things you forget to consider what's right in front of you. All this to say, find someone that can keep you grounded in the present.

  10. Follow your heart- cringing about how cliche this is but follow your intuition folks. If you don't want to go to the gym, don't. If you don't want to text him back, don't. If you don't want to pick up someone's shift for the millionth time, THEN DON'T. It's tiring watching people live their lives like their chained to other people, places and circumstances. When you say you don't have a choice, you are making the choice to believe you have no other option; as hard as it is sometimes, the thing you really want to do is still a viable option.

  11. Scream for help- one lesson I'm learning is to SCREAM FOR HELP! Not when I'm already head under water but when I know I'm loosing footing and I'm freakin sinking.

  12. Get a rock- if you want to get a pet rock, fine (I never really understood the concept) but right now I'm talking about getting people WHO ARE your rock. 1, 2 or 3 (if you're oh so lucky) people who don't just "get" you but have you (if that made any sense?). Depending what age you are, I believe there's a point where you can be mature, vulnerable, honest and emotionally available with the people you call your friends...Make it clear who you can truly talk to and call on, and who you should probably stick to talking about recent movies with...

  13. Time is relative- understand that time is a relative concept. If I have to be honest, my stress levels blew out my stress meter when I decided to ponder on what I should be doing right now at this time in my life. What should I be investing my time and money into at this point in my life? What is everyone doing that I don't know about?? Is everyone sharing success secrets without me???

  14. Do it anyways- Blog every Monday, stretch everyday even if it's for 10-15 mins only, journal at least once a week and just do it even if you don't want to or feel like you don't need it, cause you woke up on the right side of the bed a couple days in a row. Be consistent with the things that make you happy and keep you sane!

  15. Start a new Netflix series- because you're paying for the service, duhhh (still trying to finish Good Girls)

  16. Bake random vegan treats- In the last month alone, I have baked chocolate cookies, burnt peanut butter cookies, made chocolate oat waffles, stuffed breakfast peppers and the list of random foods that appear on my insta feed continues

  17. Finally, just be!- Be in this moment right now. Not 5 years from now or constantly thinking about what you say, do choose, eat, believe today will impact you at thirty?! Or maybe that's just me?? Either way I've been ditching that obsessive behaviour of calculating, adding up and essentially jinxing having good things because I believe that I'm never doing it right. Why? Because I can really use the mental space to be happy right about now.

Happy Birthday to me. Happy new day of new opportunities to you and happy cancer season to us all!