Springtime Bucketlist

The snow has cleared up, the winter boots have been replaced by rainboots, the nails are painted very very yellow and matcha is sooo in again! What I really need from Spring season is rejuvenation, peace, hope and just something to look forward to. I need to get out of this social funk and talk to an actual human being, to shake some things up and just leave the house for something other the school. To plan things, declutter things and to mend things before the summer starts. This is the last chance to work extra extra hard and push through exam season and gruelling workouts, before we can all enjoy a sunny sunny summer!

  1. Get a bright Eastery manicure

  1. Do a 30 day challenge of your choice

  2. Wear rainboots everywhere/Get a new pair if you want

  3. Write letters

  4. Write using purple and pink pens only

  5. Start a rose garden (like I plan to) or raise a plant baby

  6. Watch Lala Land

  7. Join a cycling class

  1. Start your morning with lemon infused water (and apple cider vinegar if you're brave)

  1. Take your vitamins and medication

  2. Get a jade roller

  3. Drink fruit tea

  1. Let go of grudges and ask for forgiveness

  2. Call people you haven't spoken to in awhile

  3. Go on a date

  4. Buy yourself some flowers

Paint a picture or sketch a pretty drawing

  1. Plan a trip to somewhere that looks pretty in the Spring like Japan

  2. Spring clean -> donate -> go thrifting

  3. Make a spring playlist (follow mine on Spotify!)

  4. Make a large yummy cheat day brunch (Psst the sausage is vegan!)

  1. Eat avocados cause duhh

  2. Have a pamper night with oils, petals and the whole shabang

  1. Hold your bunny (or your cat, dog, self) extra long

  2. Consciously do something for Earth day (April 22nd)

  3. Start a working on a creative project you enjoy

  4. Plan a healthy (and maybe even vegetarian) Easter dinner

  1. Get a salt lamp because there cool and I want one!

  2. Swap books, musics or your favourite movies with someone

  3. Watch a sappy 80's movie

  4. Track your good habits in a journal

  5. Read a couple books

  1. Take your runs outdoors + Work out with a friend (if they're not too busy studying)

  1. Visit your doctor for a checkup/speak to a councillor

  2. Have something to look forward to like a concert, a festival, sleep and make a pretty vision board out of it

  3. Plan a family photoshoot or just one for insta

  1. Swap your coffee for a matcha green tea lattee

  1. Attempt to write poetry

  2. Bake a carrot cake often

  3. Eat dark chocolate

  4. Check in on your resolutions (cause we're 4 months in already!)

  5. Cut some pictures out and journal on a rainy day (or map out your life like so)

  1. Buy something that makes you feel pretty

  2. Meditate in a sunny spot

  3. Diffuse or apply lemongrass essential oil

  4. Bike at sunset

  1. Go to a petting zoo and pet a pig (cause they cute)

  2. Get lavendar, purpleish and pinkish workout clothes

  3. Go to a Farmer's Market

  4. Hug your mom

I don't have much of a conclusion except that you're golden and you got this; and that you totally got this because you're golden!

Happy Spring loves,