30 day challenge ideas

Last month on my Instagram (@simplybusimee), I declared the month of March "The month of discipline"! I wanted to commit to things I didn't really want to do but had to do, like taxes and cycling class, studying and *drumroll* not eating junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I wish this was an exageration of the truth but that's where I was at. Pancakes with half a bottle of maple syrup in the morning and a coffee, sleeping late, being in a slump, having laundry up to my knees and and playing hooky here, there and everywhere. We all have days (or maybe weeks) when we can't seem to keep everything or anything in order. But to fix that, I like to work on one habit for 30 days straight! You can tie in more then one habit at a time but make sure they mesh well together. Meaning find a replacement for that old behaviour. If you're not going to go on your phone first thing in the morning, what are you going to do? Well you can replace that habit with meditation or naming 5 things that you are grateful for. If you're not going to have coffee anymore what are you going to have? Well you can have green tea, orange pekoe tea, a juice, lemon water or even a smoothie. For everything you want to extract from your schedule, personality, diet or what have you, find something positive to replace it with.

The list below is a mesh of 30 day challenges I have done and/or would like to try in order to practice discipline and conquer bad habits.

Yoga Challenge- Follow Yoga With Adriene's 30 day challenges. These really help me get back into the rhythm of things if I have fallen out of fitness or yoga for awhile.

No junk food Challenge- No cookies, no cakes, no chips, no fries, no donuts, no pancakes,

Walking challenge- go outside everyday! My inner old lady likes to take walks before/after doing yoga!

Reading Challenge- Read while commuting, read when you go to bed, listen to your books even. If you have time for Netflix you have time to read, trust me.

Writing Challenge- Start a gratitude journal and fill out when your having breakfast in the morning, each morning.

Meditation Challenge- Right after yoga I like to do my meditation. To just sit in the sun and soak it all in. Your body and mind will thank you after doing this for a month!

No coffee Challenge- Hide the coffee maker and maybe avoid working in coffee shops

Minimalism Challenge- give something away everyday, clean a new corner of your house/room, clean your car, donate old stuff, don't buy anything new

Sweat everyday Challenge

Go vegan Challenge- I tried to go vegan for a week and I didn't even last two days (because cookies are my weakness) but give it a go

Research Challenge- Search up something that you are interested about everyday. Like destinations, tips and tricks and what the heck gluten is?

5 am Challenge- Even though success gurus advocate for waking up at 5am and even 4am, I don't see how that fits into my lifestyle so I don't and probably will never wake up 5am for the time being (#sorrynotsorry). But I should try to get up earlier despite only having night classes, I should wake up at a decent hour tbh. Feel free to try this one though!

Compliment Challenge- Compliment your mom, strangers, the the barista, the bus driver, your neighbour, the cashier, your followers and who ever you bump into. In feels great and makes you super happy to making others happy!

No social media Challenge- I'm not super glued to my phone despite having a blog. But I do try to minimize the time I spend on my phone by deleting apps, deactivating accounts, monitoring my screen time in Settings, turn off notification till after your morning routine and reserving Instagram time for after breakfast. Maybe I should go Netflix free...

Gym challenge- I try to push myself to go to the gym at least on the weekdays. I wouldn't suggest to go everyday because I don't love the gym, but if you are willing to leave your house on the weekend, then go for it!

Creative project Challenge- Work on your creative project everyday. If it's playing the guitar or writing a whole fiction book, work on it everyday.

I wanted to do more of what brought me long lasting joy and less of what involved short-term gratification. I wanted to be more mindful, push myself and step out of my comfort zone. These things take patience and a constant positive dialogue with yourself, you're not going to keep pushing yourself if "you" don't think you can make it or if you don't know why you're doing it in the first place. So be positive and know the "why" behind why you want to stop or start a habit. Or else giving up cookies birthday cakes (yess there was more then one birthday), pizza, donuts, lemon loaves, cinnamon rolls and chocolate, like I did, will make you miserable!!!

Good luck loves,