Self-Love Day

I've had a heck of a week! From exams to missed appointments to anxious days to being stuck indoors because of the snow then being stuck in bed because of my period! After days of unproductivity and back pain, I wanted to take the day to rejuvenate. You know, some me-time just spending the day how I want to spend it. With Valentine's Day being today, feel free to incorporate some of these today or save them for the weekend when you probably have more time. So the following is a list of everything I'm doing today on my day off...

❤️Clean my room and mental space

❤️ Write in my journal and/or write letters

❤️ Get an at home mani-pedi

❤️ Shave my legs and wash out my hair

❤️ Wash sheets and pyjamas

❤️ Get a box of Ferrero Rocher, despite my dairy sensitivity

❤️ Make banana oatmeal pancakes (for the second time this week)

❤️ Listen to everything Beyonce, starting with Irreplaceable

❤️ Wear reading socks and a comfy sweater all day (or just a robe)

❤️ Order one of those heart pizzas (even though their technically smaller then the regular)

❤️ Bake cookies and don't count calories

❤️ Watch Eat Pray Love which is my absolute favourite movie (or musicals are my got-to)

❤️ Make an at home face scrub to get rid of the dry skin (brown sugar + honey= voilà!)

❤️ Buy yourself some flowers, I got pink peonies!

❤️ Gift yourself something you've been wanting

❤️ Make a gratitude list of all the loving moments you've experienced

❤️ Take a bath, with a bath bomb, some music and a glass of rosé

❤️ Have detox water with lemons and other fruits you have on hand or matcha iced tea works too

❤️ Light a candle or diffuse oils

❤️ Have a Taylor Swift inspired karaoke night with the sisters

Happy Self-Love Day,