2019 Intentions

The suitcase from last week's trip is in one corner and the suitcase from last night is in the other, photos have to be edited and backed up, the carpet can use a reunion with the vacuum and my plants with some water. If you're like me, January 1st has rolled around and you still haven't really had the time to...I don't know get your sh*t together. Hate to be a little more vulgar then usual, but for someone who preaches about cleanliness, organization, journaling and meditation; I have not yet cleaned, organized, journaled nor have I meditated whatsoever. There's a ritual or an art, I might say, when it comes to thanking a season and welcoming a new one. But I might of skipped over the reflection part, the gratitude list and the overall emotional and mental unloading of it all. If you're in my predicament; it's okay, we're in this together and we can totally start the year off on the right foot (even if we're already 7 days in). Besides everyone knows that the New Year doesn't actually start until the first Monday of the year.

A couple years back, I would've gotten all bothered about not having resolutions set out by New Year’s Day. But hey, I’ve been travelling in and out of town all Christmas break on minimal sleep and empty calories, so yeah I choose to go easy on myself. Cause what can I really do?. What’s been helping is realizing that New Year’s Day is sadly just another day on the calendar. It physically hurts me to admit this because New Years has always had a symbolic and oddly spiritual meaning to me. The sense of “everything is made new” mixed with that “anything can happen” energy resonates deeply with my whole existence. But I’m trying to harness these same emotions on days besides New Years, a new month/season or a Monday. I'm really trying to be self aware of when I could use a recharge, a little bit of decluttering or a glass of wine even when unscheduled. Like I always say, no one knows you like you, but you have to get to know you to know what you want out of this year and life.

That’s why this year I’m ditching resolutions altogether. The definition of resolution is to be "firmly determined to resolve something". This is great and all, but leaves no room for mistakes. This no nonsense approach is based on a pass or fail method, which can be the biggest factor that influences if we make or break our New Years resolution by January 2nd. The pressure to have certain resolutions every year (that we could honestly care less about) is just a set up for failure. That's why I'm setting out to live out an intentional 2019 by having intentions instead of resolutions. Yes, "intentions" sounds more loosy goosy then resolutions, but trust me there's alot more to it; which I think can help us mentally and emotionally as we aim to reach our biggest goals.

Intention is defined as a "mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action in the future. Intention involves mental activities such as planning and forethought". Duh of course, you have to think something through before you want to achieve, but there are somethings we aim to achieve because of how it looks, or because so and so are doing it or because we feel like that's what we should be doing. Maybe you want to do pilates over getting "gains" in the gym or vis versa but take the time to know what you want for yourself by intentionally thinking it through.

When you have your 1-5 intentions that you would like to achieve by this time next year, break them up into what you should be doing every single day in order to attain it. For example, quit coffee: 1. Don't buy it or if you live with others, hide it 2. Find a replacement like matcha or black tea, 3. Carry extra tea bags and ask for hot water to avoid buying a coffee, 4. Pretend you enjoy it till you actually enjoy it. This should be effortless to incorporate because it's something you want to do and something you have 1-3 good reasons why you want to achieve them.

Attach sentiments to it. Think about how reaching that goal will make you feel. Think about how it will enrich your life. Think about how others can benefit from this new and improved you. So your affirmations should look something like this "I feel calm and comforted when I have a cup of tea", "Going to the gym everyday makes me happy", "I feel fulfilled when I help others", "I feel motivated when I wake up before 6am" yada yada. Chase how things make you feel at the end of the day instead of how it looks. Aim to feel proud, accomplished, energetic, grateful, ecstatic and all the other good things. Try it, when you wake up and say your affirmations for the day, attach the emotions you want to feel. I personally find this more satisfying and rewarding compared to just having a to-do list and being focused on what I have to do.

Finally, choosing intentions over resolutions is the reason I've only started seeing substantial results in the last two years. Not everything in life has to be "no pain, no gain" to see changes. We need to stop gloryfing pain and suffering as the gateway to success, but consider grace, patience and intentional thinking. Same destination, different route and a whole different mental state. So from the bottom of my heart and I pray that 2019 is a magical year for you and yours. I pray that you live a year on purpose. That your deepest desires come to past through hard work and intentional thinking. I pray that you don't waste your time chasing things that don't matter but focused on the things and people that set your soul on fire. I love you all and I can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for SimplyBusimee!

Cheers to the magic of 2019,