18 lessons I learned in 2018

  1. Sometimes it's all in your head, don't dwell on it. Sometimes waking up on the wrong side of the bed is just that, and sometimes mood swings are mood swings, you'll get back to your regular self don't over analyze and generalize your current feelings.

Sometimes over-planning can be toxic and just getting started without overthinking it is the only course of action. Planning is important but we can't plan to perfect something we've never done before.

  1. Some people are not here to stay and God may allow them to hurt you so you have no choice but to let them go.

  2. When you don't feel like journaling, going to yoga class, praying, meditating, participating in something that you know you should be participating in, that's when you probably need it the most.

  1. Sometimes throwing in the towel or saying no or pulling back from a commitment is not a sign that you've given up but a sign that you value your time

  2. Love from afar is still love. There are some people that we grow apart from in our lives and all we can do when we think of them is send them love and light and let them go. Also, don't insult love by reserving it for a certain person, time or space.

  1. Don't settle! As much as you want to and as easy as it would be to lower your standards, just don't do it. When you lower your standards for yourself you will be accustom to crappy rewards, treatment and lifestyle.

  1. Be confident in your knowledge. It's one thing to be confident in your body but a whole other thing to be confident in what you say, share and believe. Speaking my truth with a straight posture, direct eye contact and without the quaky voice, is something I only started to practice this year. Raising my voice in a meeting or standing up for myself was the aftermath of practice, patience and yoga power poses.

  2. Content creation is not a waste of time, if I like doing it I should allow myself time to pursue them.

  3. However you're feeling, don't self-sabotage. Don't stop doing the most important things that keep you sane. Sometimes you just have to keep going through the process. Keep waking up early, keep taking care of yourself and that just might be the thing that heals you.

  1. Everything is connected--the way you think about money impacts your income. The way you start your day impacts the remainder of the day. What you choose to focus on makes up your life. The way you think, treat other people, eat, sit up, part your hair in the morning manifests itself in your life. Everything can be tied back to a specific moment.

  2. We choose how we spend our time. When we say we don't have enough time we essentially mean that it is not a priority. If we really wanted to make it to an event we would move hell and high water to attend. This is also a time to evaluate our priorities.

  1. Every situation that arises in your life is neutral. You decide if you will perceive it as negative or positive. If someone says or does something or you get news that you automatically assume is negative, understand that you have made a conscious decision.

  1. Dream hella big. Dream crazy big. Dream things you haven't yet seen. Make vision boards and pin them. Affirm them out loud and stick post its with affirmations on them. Show the world and yourself that you're not kidding. You want to see these things come to pass and you believe wholeheartedly that it will.

  2. Let it go. I know I can be an awkward person and this would keep me up at night regretting what I said or what I didn't say or how someone perceived what I said. I've learned that most people 1. completely forget, 2. don't really care or 3. have lumped it into part of my personality. So there's no point of pondering over it, avoiding them, or acting even weirder then before.

  1. Like Keri Hilson taught 10 year old me "jealousy's is the ugliest trait, don't ever do it". Jealousy is a difficult thing to admit but easy to minimize when aware of your thoughts and behaviour. When jealousy strikes I always ask myself: 1. do I really want what someone else has? Or do I want it because they have it? Or because they seem to enjoy it? 2. Am I willing to do what they're doing? Am I willing to take the time, the risks, the sacrifice? 3. If yes or no can I support them, admire them from a place of love instead of insecurity.

  1. It's okay to not be the same person you were yesterday. I freaked out a little when I went from going to the gym every weekday and running on the weekends, to completely taking up yoga as a workout. I tried to force the will to go to the gym but I am utterly uninterested for the time being and learning to just accept this new shift that is me. Same thing goes with my routine, interests, personality etc; these things make up me for awhile but change little by little with time and that's totally okay.

  1. Consciously choose love over fear. Be curious to other outcomes besides everything failing and going miserably wrong. Choose positivity over negativity and your truth self over the you that is scared, insecure and unsure.

Happy New Year loves and to all the lessons to come,